Creating a Focal Point in Your Garden

The best gardens have one thing in common: they lead the eye around the space, creating focal points that capture our attention. This can be achieved in many ways, from the large trees that frame a space to a table and chairs that invite you to sit in amongst the foliage.

So how can you achieve a focal point in your garden? Well, it depends on how big your garden is, how many focal points you want and what you are going to use your garden for.

A Small Summer House

The summer house is an integral part of the large garden estate, but as gardens are somewhat smaller these days, you probably won’t want to build a full second house! The best idea, and a joyfully cheaper idea, is to use a hexagonal greenhouse instead.

It’s not as expensive as a conservatory or an orangerie but with a table and chairs inside, it can be a real suntrap to enjoy. For an idea of what you could get, have a look at

Sheds are also rising in popularity as spaces that can be used as anything from a playroom for the kids or an office space for your home business. With such diversity, there’s no reason that you couldn’t use a shed as a summerhouse, just put in some roof lights, throw open the doors and enjoy sitting in the sunshine.

A Water Feature

Having a trickling stream or a playful fountain will always give your eye something to enjoy watching. There is also something in the sound of moving water that is really therapeutic and just lovely to listen to. Whatever the size of your garden, adding even a small water feature will really lift the environment.

A pond is another nice way to introduce water, though digging a pond does take quite a bit of effort. There are lots of plants that like to live in ponds and you will also attract plenty of wildlife to your garden as well.

Adding a small fountain in the centre of your pond will keep the water well oxygenated and you might want to consider introducing fish to your pond too.

Decking and Table

If you like to eat outside in your garden, then it makes sense that the focal point would be the table and chairs you frequent. One fun idea is to build a slightly raised deck for your dining set to raise you just above your garden for a better view. This tiered effect will also draw the eye towards the decking, leading you there naturally.

Rather than a straight pathway, though, give your garden the illusion of space by building a curving path and taking your guests through the plants. This sense of a journey will make the arrival at the decking more exciting. To make the journey even more special, use fragrant plants such as herbs along the border to give you fresh wafts of scent just before you eat.

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