Why You Should Have Trees In Your Garden

A lot of gardens don’t have trees. Instead, they focus on flowers. This is a mistake as almost all gardens can be improved with the presence of a tree or two. They add a lot to a garden and here are three reasons why you should consider having trees in your garden.


Trees provide shade during the hot summer months. Through simply having a tree in your garden you are more likely to enjoy sitting outside each year.

You can position your garden furniture under the tree so that you can enjoy the shade that way or you can use the trunk of the tree as a back rest and sit up against it. Either way, the shade that it provides will be a nice addition on a hot day.

On top of this, the shade adds real depth to your garden. You don’t want the tree to create too big a shadow and put the garden into darkness, but you want some so that it creates an effect of light and dark when you look across your garden.

This is why trees are best placed in the corner of a garden. There they can be enjoyed, but they don’t overshadow the rest of the garden or make it feel gloomy.


Fruit is a great reason to get a tree. Whether you enjoy apples, pears, plums or anything else, you can get a tree for it in your garden. Each year when your tree bears fruit, you will get some delicious treats that you can enjoy straight from the garden. You can then use these fruits in cooking or just as a snack throughout the day.

Not all trees drop fruit in the conventional sense; you can’t eat everything that falls from a tree. However, things like red oak trees drop their seeds in a flurry, and they create an amazing effect. You and your kids can play with these unusual seeds, and they look great as they flutter around your garden.


If you like animals, then getting a tree is an excellent idea. Trees make perfect homes for birds, and you can even attach a bird box to the side of the tree.

Trees also make great homes for other animals. You can watch squirrels running up and down your tree. You might have several species of interesting insect to look at. In the months when your tree is full of fruit, it can have all sorts of interesting and exciting wildlife visit it. This means watching and enjoying is even more enjoyable than usual as you get to see interesting animals explore your tree. You can have birds that lay their eggs and have chicks in your tree and animals that return every year to the same tree.

Having a tree allows you to welcome nature into your garden like never before. You can leave food out for the birds and other animals and enjoy watching them go about their lives. If you didn’t have a tree, you could still do this, but they would not have anywhere to live in your garden. Instead, thanks to a tree they can live in the tree and almost become a part of your family as you watch them day in and day out.

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