Give Your Garden Wings By Setting Up On The Roof

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Outside space is a benefit we all deserve to enjoy. As well as looking amazing, the chance to sit outside can make a massive difference to happiness. On top of which, the opportunity to get our fingers green can do a great deal for mental and physical health. So, you could say a garden is one of the best parts of any home.

Sadly, outside space isn’t a luxury everyone has. In fact, houses with outdoor space are becoming rare as areas become more crowded. Many have no choice but to make do with paved patio areas. Luckily, there are many ways to beautify a paved garden. All it takes is a little research and a clear vision.

But, some of us aren’t even lucky enough to have even a patio area. In fact, many houses have no outside space at all. Well, apart from up on the roof. But, who would put a garden up there?

If it’s your only option, you should. There are some fantastic roof gardens out there, and yours could be one of them. All you need to do is consider the following.

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Does your roof have what it takes?

First, consider whether your roof has what it takes. You’ll need a flat surface on which you can create your garden. You might also want to get professionals onboard to test the structural integrity. After all, this isn’t a part of your home designed for standing on. The last thing you want is your [amazon_textlink asin=’B000QTUJXS’ text=’water feature’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mygardening411-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a144af81-7914-11e8-9e4e-e754423e4313′] in your bedroom.

So, make sure your roof can withstand the weight of your future garden before getting started.

Getting green up-high

If your roof is made of sturdy stuff, start incorporating some greenery. This is a garden, after all. The trouble here, of course, is that greenery doesn’t generally grow on your roof. At least, nothing more green than moss, anyway.

So, find a way to get green up-high. For one, that means making your own lawn. This can be problematic, as you face drainage issues. It might be best to install an artificial lawn like those offered by LazyLawn. These are so realistic your guests won’t even notice the difference. And, they’re a hassle-free way of working around this issue.

Then, you can add the real plants using either bedding containers or plant pots. While you can plant anything here, some options last better than others. Plants like Astilbe or Japanese Maple are ideal, for instance, as they thrive in shaded areas.

Working with the weather

You also have to account for weather when taking care of your plants up top. Admittedly, this is relevant even in a ground-floor garden. But, your roof is closer to the elements. As such, your plants are sure to suffer. To help them thrive, take care to work out wind direction so you can plant in the most sheltered areas.

On the plus side, plants on green roofs can use rain water immediately, often excess rainwater can be stored so that it can be used later. In summer, a rooftop gardens can retain up to 80% of rainfall while in winter this can be up to 40%.

It’s also worth providing some shelter from those blasting sun rays. Get this right, and there’s no reason your roof garden can’t thrive.

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