When Stubborn Garden Growths Block Your Way

Gardens can get quite stubborn, can’t they? They’re little slices of nature we all have to tend to now and then, and seeing as ‘life finds a way’, the plants out there can try to fight back! And if you’re someone who hasn’t seen to your garden in a while, you’re probably putting the task off more and more because you know how hard it’s going to be to get a handle on things.

So let’s make things a bit easier for you. Let’s make sure you’ve got some tips on your side, to make your stubborn garden growth tasks a lot easier to cope with. Feel free to read on if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, and also a handful of practical advice.

Don’t Put Up with Felled Trees

If you’ve cut a tree down, and now you’ve got both the fallen tree and the resulting stump to deal with, what do you do? Well first of all, call in a Stump removal service, to make sure you’re not wasting time, energy, and the effectiveness of your tools by trying to remove the stump yourself. They’re quite stubborn thanks to their root systems, and you’re going to need some industrial power on your side here.

Then learn how to cut the dead tree into logs – if you’re someone with a fireplace, or you heat your house with wood, this could be a great fuel source for the upcoming winter. If not, cut it into manageable pieces and leave it to dry out somewhere covered; you might be able to sell the wood come springtime, especially if you live near a lumber mill.

Know When to Trim the Shrubs

The shrubs are up next. If you’ve got quite the hedge to your name, you’re going to need the right pair of secateurs in your hands. It might take time to find the right pair, but you can find a helpful list right here. Once you’ve got the right handle length, sturdiness of the blades, and a bit of time to yourself, get out there to trim your shrubs back.

But what time of the year is best to cut these plants back? After all, they’re a big feature in your garden, helping to maintain privacy as well as wind and rain protection; you want them to be around for next year as well! Well, any time outside of the mid to late autumn season would be great to just cut some of the heads back.

Do Away with Unnecessary Root Systems

Finally, how do you deal with those annoying roots? Dig out the soil around them, then grab a grub hoe, and use it in an up and downwards motion, to work the roots out of the ground. It doesn’t have to be a hard process to learn!

Stubborn growths in your garden don’t have to stick around forever. Make sure you’re handling greenery problems on time and with the right tools.

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