Tips to Create that Secret Garden Solitude

Gardens are an immense pleasure for a great number of people. They are a piece of nature at home. You can make them wild and wispy, or neat and pruned to perfection. The peace a garden can bring you on those warm sunny days is second to none. However, how many of you feel that the space you have is just not that peaceful?

Perhaps there is too much noise coming from elsewhere. Or, maybe you feel eyes are spying on you from all those overlooking windows. Well, we have come up with some tips to help you create that secret garden space and feel that tranquillity you have always been looking for. Somewhere you can just disappear off to and be in a world of your own:

stone bench surrounded by trees in a garden


If you can choose some space to divide off for that secret garden, you will be maximising the use of your garden. It means that there is still an area for the rest of the family to enjoy, but you have that little piece of Heaven just for you. Is there a corner which has seen better days, or how about reinvigorating your current favourite place to sit. The space does not need to be huge, just enough for you to fit that chair and a few other garden features into.

Covering it up

Once you have your chosen site, you may want to think about setting up a pergola pole, and perhaps adding an arch to the entrance. You may want to think about a trellis too for the sides. All these can be decorated with scented crawling plants and flowers, which will not only create that air of mystery and solitude you are after but will also add a fragrance to it as well.

Honeysuckle, and sweet peas are popular choices for something like this. Think about all your senses when you create your perfect garden space, as this will be where you spend hours reading or sunbathing, or simply just enjoying nature. 


Is sound an issue where you live? It may be worth you while thinking about having a soundproofing hedge as part of the garden. Plant the hedge in a semi-circle around the area and wait for them to grow, so you can disappear. An excellent example for this issue, is the thuja occidentalis, which is fast-growing and evergreen. So even in the winter, you have that home away from home. 


After the garden has been created you are going to want to think about your decorations within. So, ensure you get that garden seating best for your happiness and comfort. A nice wooden bench would be great, or even a swing chair, if that’s what warms your cockles. You may also want to think about having a feature installed, like a little water fountain, so you can listen to the sounds of trickling water while you drift away, serene. Or, if you have space, perhaps a little pond. You may also want some garden ornaments to adorn the place and some colourful plants along the borders. 

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