5 Top Tips For Caring For Your Lawn

Taking care of your first lawn is essential for keeping your home’s exterior neat. Research has shown that quality lawn care can increase a property’s value by approximately 12%. Moreover, a well-kept outdoor area can prevent cretins from finding a comfortable breeding place. You can care for your lawn without much hassle when you know precisely what to do. Here is how to get started.

Water your turf appropriately

Water young lawns often, but not excessively, since this might lead them to root shallowly and establish badly. You can use rainwater from a water butt, grey water from your bath or washing machine, so keep this in mind. Sprinklers are great for keeping lawns watered, but they require a lot of water from the mains and are not authorized during a hosepipe ban. Do not be concerned if your lawn turns brown; it is not dead. When the rains fall, it will just green up again.

Get rid of compacted soil

Compacted soil inhibits grass growth, resulting in barren areas in the summer and mud baths in the winter. You can use a garden fork to relieve compaction and aerate the soil, so feel free to consider this. The prongs open up the soil, enabling the roots to breathe and promoting grass regeneration. Brush fine horticultural grit or sharp sand into the holes on heavy ground, such as clay soils, to enhance drainage and avoid compaction.

Feed your grass

It’s important to feed your grass on a regular basis to keep your lawn fresh. If you have a bigger space, a wheeled lawn feeder will do the job quickly and accurately. When rains are anticipated, apply fertilizer to the grass so it is washed down to the roots and does not burn the lead blades. If it does not rain, apply the fertilizer with a hose or watering can. Within a week, your grass should be greener. Lawns often require fertilization in the spring and summer, so feel free to consider this.

Mow your grass on a regular basis

Cut your grass at least weekly in the summer and every two weeks in the spring, autumn, and warm winters. This process fosters root growth, which fills gaps and keeps weeds at bay. Raising the cutting height of your mower in the summer to keep the grass longer (roughly 5-10cm) can make it less prone to browning in dry weather. While at it, maintain your ride on mowers and keep the blades in good shape to ensure their functionality.

Fill up barren lawn areas

Rather than allowing bare areas to ruin the appearance of your lawn, put grass seed over the scrapped soil. To replace the bare spot, cut a square or rectangle around the area and dig up the soil in the rectangle with a hand trowel to whatever depth your new grass strip is.

As stated earlier, your lawn is crucial to how people perceive your outdoor space, and keeping it in good shape is essential. Hopefully, these tips will help you transform your outdoor space and increase your home’s value.

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