Are raspberry plants suitable for organic container gardening?

Caitie asks: Are raspberry plants suitable for organic container gardening?
What size container would I need? Any tips? I’m in L.A. (zone 10).

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  1. Yes, …just remember that the bigger the container the better the plant will do, the more plant and fruit you will get. …Try an everbearing type, (like Caroline

    Use at least a 5 gal. container. Never forget to water, esp. when the plants get larger and suck up the moisture faster. As soon as the old canes are done fruiting cut them out so the new ones have plenty of light and air to increase their vigour and then yeild.

  2. How to Grow Soft Fruits in Containers
    Since raspberries grow very tall cans you’ll have to have a very large pot.
    Blueberries actually grow better in containers and nore than one kind to produce better and larger berries.
    Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees
    Open this link below of a previous Y!A and see a plethora of small container growns fruit trees

  3. Hi!

    For your cultivation you can consider also an hydroponic kit. This technique is very efficient and fast. For example on Hydroponics web store you can find some of these kits, nutrients and much more.

    Good luck! 😉

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