Help with organic container gardening?

snowy_gush_gush asks: Help with organic container gardening?
I’m starting organic container gardening. What fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be grown in what type of containers? How big does a container need to be for dwarf size blueberries?
I’m probably going to grow: carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, lettuce, corn, peas, basil, thyme, cantaloupe, celery, cauliflower, and other stuff.

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  1. tomatoes: at least a 12 or 14 inch pot with one plant to a pot. you could get away with smaller but as the plants get big and produce fruit it might be hard to keep them wet.
    herbs: doesnt have to be a huge pot but give them room to grow a bit. you could probably put a couple in each pot in a pinch.
    strawberries: can depend on the variety but a straberry jar can do the trick and looks a little nicer than a regular pot. (strawberry jar/pot are clay pots shaped kind of like a large vase and it has several holes all around the pot that you put the plants in to.)
    i could probably go on for days, but what it all comes down to is giving each plant plenty of room. blueberries might be tough, not to grow in a pot but to grow them in a pot big enough to let the plant produce lots of berries. maybe it isnt an option, but what about doing a couple of raised beds. raised beds would give you more square feet to plant in without having a couple dozen pots spread out everywhere. ive even seen new landscape timbers that are made out of recycled plastics and can be used for a raised bed. just a thought.

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