Looking for vegetable gardening advice- squash and zucchini?

tahoe.girl asks: Looking for vegetable gardening advice- squash and zucchini?
So, this is my first season attempting to plant a garden. I have 5 yellow crookneck squash and 5 zucchini plants- all started at the same time. About half of them are making little squash and zucchini babies, and the other half are flowering, but with no sign of any veggies. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this may be and if I did anything wrong? Or if they will eventually produce? Thanks!

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Answer by t-rexs
mom says that is just the way it goes sometimes

some plants produce and some don’t – luck of the draw

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  1. Squash plants have male and female blossoms, so not all will turn into veggies! The female flowers are what produces the fruit ~ in fact, those tiny squashes and zucchinis are the swollen ovary of the plant itself. The male flowers are slightly smaller, and attach to the stem. They won’t ever produce fruit.

  2. You have to have both male and female blossoms, and bees to pollinate.

    The female blossoms have the short stem, and the males the long.

    How close are they? You may get weird 1/2 crookneck and 1/2 zucchini squashes. They will be edible, but won’t taste like either.

    All goes to experience.

  3. You will have a lot of squash from half of the plants. Enough to give away. To fry, boil, bake, can and freeze.

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