Question about rain collection and organic gardening?

Boppysgirl asks: Question about rain collection and organic gardening?
Do the plastic rain barrels off-gas chemicals into the rain water that would pollute the soil and vegetables?

Are there alternatives to plastic rain collection barrels???

What type of roofing do you need to use for rain collection so that chemicals from the roofing materials do not get washed into the water, and into the soil and vegetables???

Any info would be great. I would like to try and turn our little urban home into an ‘urban homestead’ and become a bit more self-sufficient. Thanks.

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Answer by horsense
Anymore, rain is not pure to begin with.
It collects pollution particles in the air on its way down.
Sometimes you even hear of ‘acid rain’.
So, I wouldn’t overly worry about roofing—it isn’t on the roof for long, anyway.
About rain barrels—The stiffer the material, the less plastics are in it to offgas.

If you know how, you can use cat-tail grass &/or some other plants to help filter the water.

“Gardening the Organic Way”
– How Does Your Garden Grow? {compost)
– Toads, Birds, and Bugs—Your Garden’s Friends
– Plants and Pest Control

I think that that is a wonderful goal!

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  1. Collect the rain in plastic barrels. Nothing to worry about. Many homes have plastic piping for their drinking water supply.Nothing on the roof will harm you. The rain has fallen through dirty sky before it gets to you.

    I have noticed that with my garden when I water with the hose nothing seems to happen. Just get one dose of normal rain and the plants seem to grow dramatically. I guess that they don’t like the chlorine and fluoride in the drinking water.

  2. buy your barrels from a reputable dealer…. someone dealing with gardening or food…. food grade plastic barrels are out there….

    so know what was in the barrel before you got it or buy one that is specific to the use you have for it….

    wood is nice if you can get it…. whiskey, oh, yeah!!….

    hint…. quit worrying so much!…. the rain falls off your roof and lands on the ground ANYWAYS…..

    everything out there is not out to kill you!!… REALLY!!… try to ENJOY gardening… don’t make it a job in a danger zone!!!….

    our little suburban home is just dandy… no major use of pesticides, Miracle Grow and fish emulsion and compost as fertilizers and rain collections…. and things GROW around here!…. and no one gets all weird about what’s in the water….. relax!!… love the Earth and she’ll love you back!….

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