Virgin vegetable gardening: First plant(s) to try: when and how?

Psyched asks: Virgin vegetable gardening: First plant(s) to try: when and how?
Last two times I tried gardening: 1st time my neighbor (at my previous home) laughed (kindly) and told me the tall pepper plants I was so proud of were weeds (and there were no pepper plants to be found. 2nd time: I bought the container of minature boxes with the plastic cover of plants to soon and by the time it was planting season they were useless.
What should I try, how and when? Keep in mind every plant that has entered my house has left in a “coffin” within a year. Unfortunately I’m not big on details; if it doesn’t “speak” (like a cat) it doesn’t get what it needs. Know of any plants that can tell me what they need, how much and when?

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Answer by Dfire
you may want to try reading a book called “square foot gardening”, I think it will help

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  1. I know what you are going through!My husband taught me how to garden.My mom was a city person so she didnt know too much to pass on.Im still learning!Usually,any seed packets or plants have growing instructions on them.If you have fairly decent soil,it shouldnt be too hard.Tomato plants are the best to try.Their pretty hardy and need little care.The best way to plant seeds is to make rows and use string as borders.Its easier to tell them from weeds that way. Im experimenting with flower seeds.I have a lot of planters and I put flower seeds in them and they`re growing quite well(the cheap ones are doing better than the expensive Martha Steward ones I usually buy).Keep trying and dont give up!We all learn from trial and error.Good Luck!

  2. Start with a cherry belle radish If you or you soil can’t grow these you both need a lot of help

    They should mature in 30 days

    The biggest pepper is a Rocoto, Odds are you won’t know anything about this one without about 20 years of gardening
    And a desire for the top tasting chiles

    It’s a chile pepper, apple shaped, needs 2 years to devlop

  3. Best thing to do is figure out what kind of vegetables you really like. Then plan out your rows and mark what you have planted. My mother also mixed radishes with carrots. You pick the radishes and thin out the carrots at the same time. The carrots take longer to finish growing. Get plants, big plants, if you can will help you out a lot. If you plant peas, you want to plant two rows so they can come to gather in the middle. That will help keep some of weeds down. When you start to see rows forming then start weeding. Good luck and happy eating.

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