Water Gardening Tips ? The Basic Of Excavation And Installation

Water Gardening Tips ? The Basic Of Excavation And Installation

The first thing that any gardener planning to reconstruct a garden should be aware of, particularly if they are undertaking much of the construction work themselves, is that the whole project should be fun.

If you are planning to employ professional landscapers or builders to do the ‘heavy’ part of your garden construction it is always important to get several estimates for work to be carried out. Professionals are likely to work outside in all weathers but, if you’re doing it yourself, you have the luxury of picking and choosing when to do the work.

Nobody really likes the idea of their garden turning into a building site but, if the job involves a lot of concrete work, such as the building of walls and patios – or even that of the pond itself -then it is probably inevitable.


Site clearance is, arguably, the most fundamental aspect to garden reconstruction. It may involve simply shouting at the dog to get out of the way, or it might require a degree of demolition, lifting and disposal of slabs and the hiring of the ubiquitous skip (this latter operation can be quite costly, so only hire one when there is a genuine need).

The trees that you want to keep can hardly be called obstacles, but in some ways that is what they are. These would normally include trees over 5m (15ft) high which, unless they are diseased or dangerous, are not worth felling. In addition, be aware of hidden obstacles, such as well-heads, drains and drainage pipes, manhole covers, electric cabling and assorted lumps of concrete hidden just under the soil.

With your plan firmly in hand you, or the landscapers, will need to mark out the site and it is crucial to know exactly where any walls are to be built and paths laid. Even a few inches out in any direction can cause big problems (especially with more intricate designs).

Thin lines of white spray paint can be used to mark bare soil and pegs, and taut string can be employed to indicate heights of walls and eventual paths. A good, old-fashioned spade should be used to mark out shallow trenches for such things as the water feature.

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