Can i grow an organic vegetable/fruit garden from the seeds of the fruits/vegetables that I eat?

by skenmy

我喜欢吃饭 asks: Can i grow an organic vegetable/fruit garden from the seeds of the fruits/vegetables that I eat?
I am interested in starting an organic food garden. Can I use the seeds already in the fruit that I buy from the store in order to start growing them or do I have to go buy seeds?

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Answer by DaLady
You can use the seeds from your food. However since they are hybreds it will be a surprize on what you get.

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  1. i don’t think that you can because they companies use altered food with sterile seeds. does this make sense?

  2. I don’t think this would work, because in order to get seeds that will sprout, the fruit/vegetable has to grow up to full maturity. Most grocery store produce is shipped a little underripe. A good website for organic seeds that I have found is Gardens Alive.

  3. Some will work; some won’t.

    I’ve grown an orange tree from orange seeds. I grow garlic from what I buy at the grocery. Many squash seeds are viable and will grow squash plants for you.

    Fruit seeds/pits generally will not grow a plant that produces the same variety that the seed/pit came from, though – it will be a cross between the plant that produced the fruit, and whatever plant pollinated it. Might be good, might now. but it’s fun to try it anyway.

    If the food was irradiated, often the seeds will not germinate.

    But like I said – doesn’t cost you much to find out which are viable. And of the ones that do sprout – which turn out good.

    But if your goal is to really grow food – just buy the seeds from a garden store or seed producer online. Much more reliable. If you just want to try for the fun of it – go for it.

  4. Yes, if the fruit or vegetable was organically grown and was not treated or sprayed with anything. But most store-bought vegetables and fruits are hybrids, so the new fruit may be different from the one you bought.

    Many discount and dollar stores have vegetable seeds as cheap as 4/$ 1 in March and April.

  5. Yes and no. Commercially vbought fruit, veggies etc may not be organic in itself, and as mentioned by others, a hybrid. However if not unduly fussed and game for a ‘go’, it can be fun to try. Remember though, it cannot be guaranteed organic unless 100% sure of the origins of the seed. Personally, I have grown tomatos, chilli peppers and peppers this way, and have enjoyed the fruit of my labour! Garlic bulbs can also be split into cloves and planted out, but again unless sure of source it can never be truly organic.

  6. It depends on the produce. Green peppers are not ripe peppers so the seeds will be immature. to get pepper seeds you need to use a ripe (red, yellow or orange) pepper

    tomatoes you can use the seeds but you need to ferment the seed first than dry them which takes about 2 to 3 weeks to do properly so you don’t get seed born diseases.

    Dried beans will work. Potatoes will work but get only organic as the non organic kind have a sprout inhibitor and tend to have more diseases (seed potatoes are certified disease free)

    Strawberries and raspberries do not come from seed but from plant divisions and runners

    leafy greens are harvested before they go to seed.

    Melon seed would be viable but these are almost always hybrid AND they are not grown in isolation so the seed would not only be hybrid but would have crossed with any other melon varieties grown within 2 miles so what ever grew would be nothing like the melon you got the seeds from. This would be true of zucchini, cucumbers and all winter squash as well.

    So in theory you could grow a garden this way but few if any of the crops would come back true because most everything is hybridized and since none of these crops were grown for saving seed you would have a lot of crosses on top of the hybrid crossing.

    If you want to experiment go for it, if you want a garden from which you can eat the food (by this I do not mean any food you harvest will be inedible, it won’t. I am saying you probably won’t get a lot to harvest) buy seed.

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