Gardening Searches Increase on the Net

Gardening Searches Increase on the Net

On Yahoo, the amount of people searching for the phrase ‘vegetable garden’ was up by 183%. Searches for ‘container gardening’ went up by 133%, ‘raised garden beds’ by 115% and the search for ‘vegetable seeds’ was up by a massive 448% – indicating there will be lots of vegetable growing going on this spring.


So who is it that’s desperate for gardening tips this year? More than half are women of a certain age, the most popular time of life for gardening.


As the over 50’s represent the fastest growing group of app consumers, the smart phone people have not missed the mark, with several new gardening apps being released in time for spring planting. Here’s three of the best:





This clear and simple app gives the user a guide to growing and planting herbs, as well as tips for using herbs for cooking and for medicinal purposes.


Pocket Garden


This app specialises in vegetables and is a great guide on when to plant and other tips. It also helps you keep track of your gardening and identify pests and diseases.


Garden Pro


This handy reference tool has a catalogue of 750 flowers to help you identify what you find growing. This app is great to take to the garden centre or use when admiring someone else’s garden.


Whatever your garden is like and whatever type of gardening you prefer you will find an app to suit you. As app developers become more aware of their target audiences and who is using apps they will become more tailored to different markets. The introduction of several new gardening and grow your own apps this summer that are aimed at an older market oges to show that there is an app out there for everyone.


For those who really can’t find their green fingers there’s even an app that allows you to grow a virtual bouquet and send it as a gift via email. But beware, if you under or overwater your virtual flowers they will suffer.


There will even be a stream of gardening apps appearing aimed at young children that are designed to get kids thinking about healthy eating and the environmental impact of importing food from a young age.


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