Gardens As An Art Form

Gardens As An Art Form

In most cultures garden design is considered to be an art, some people have the mindset that gardening means garden maintenance, but designing a garden can include different themes, encompassing perennial, butterfly, wildlife, and water, Japanese, or shade gardens.


Decorative gardens were built in Japan by Samurai and Zen monks, or they practiced skills like flower arrangement which was known as ‘Ikebana’, and still today garden designers continue to artistically create designs for private garden spaces.


The earliest forms of gardening came from people who needed to grow herbs and vegetable plants for food, having said that, many rich people planted garden plants purely for decorative purposes.


Egyptians associated gardens with the gods, they truly believed that gods liked gardens, thus planted the gardens with trees, also grew vineyards, as wine was the beverage for the wealthy, the gardens of Egyptians, also were planted with roses, daisies and irises, also the ancient Roman gardens were a mass of beautiful colour with a huge variety of plants, which are still popular today, such as lavender plants, lilies, hyacinth, crocus and many more.



Far removed from the large gardens of Roman times today’s gardens can be anywhere from a plot surrounding a property, located on a roof, on a balcony, in a window box, or on a patio, thus the use of container plants which is becoming very popular, purely because of space.  This type of gardening uses a variety of plants for pots, also the use of hanging basket plants and all sorts of planters, and of course is more suitable for roofs, balconies and patios.


Gardening is the oldest occupation, from the gardener who will do this for a hobby to make a statement in their garden, or supplementing the family food with a small vegetable garden or orchard, with a wide range of accessories available on the market for all gardeners to exercise their creativity.


Gardening centres and nurseries today sell a wide range of all sorts of plants, from a packet of garden seeds, to garden shrubs, and trees, and gardeners look every year to get a head start with colour and variety of bedding plants, and if planted in plug plant format can give an instant show to any garden.  A garden can be a wonderful show all year around from the first garden bulb that shows off its heads of beautiful colour, to autumn shrubs with amazing colours of foliage.


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