Growing Bell Peppers?

KeitHxS asks: Growing Bell Peppers?
This is my first time to grow bell peppers and garden in general. I have a 7’x10′ garden about 3-4 inches raised. I live in North Texas and we are done with the frost having a range of temperature about 50-85 degrees right now.

I bought the plant that had already sprouted and had leaves. I planted almost 3 week ago now. The leaves keep getting holes in them and now darker spots have formed where the leaves connect to the stem, is this normal? I have sprayed with an organic pest killer for gardens also. The plant seems to still be growing okay though. I also have Jalapenos and cucumbers, but their leaves have gone untouched.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

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The holes in the leaves are caused by some sort of pest like aphids. As long as there aren’t a bunch of holes in each leaf, you’ll probably be ok. Not sure about the dark spots near the stem. You likely solved the problem by spraying. As long as the plant doesn’t turn brown or wilt, it should continue to grow well.

The following link has lots of info about planting, watering, fertilizing and harvesting sweet and hot peppers. Good luck!

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