Hello, I am trying grow an organic garden?

Black Princezz asks: Hello, I am trying grow an organic garden?
I dislike go to whole market and purchase expensive veggie purchase , so a boy gave me Great idea saying “you really don’t have go since you are vegetrian you will need a lot of veggie and fruits” “what about grow your own garden?” uh?! GOOD IDEA! I am into both Vegetrian / Organic and would like to grow my own garden.
But I need an advice from ya’ll who did the growing of your own GARDEN in YOUR YARD, is it as easy you think? Did flies ,worms, or Bugs often get into them ? what the special thing s I must buy to keep them off and to keep other human beings from stealing? How often do you have to water them?

Please do tell your story and detailed questions, if you wanna..
You can tell me the name link of website where i can get packaged seeds (growth) from?

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Answer by Stephen B
you do have alot of questions/goto organicgareningguru,com/gardenzone.info/etc. /just look up organic gardening/ but, after all your hard work and one of your buddies wants to steal your first tomatoe that you were going to pick the next morning “SHOOT IM”

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  1. Its very important that you plant in soil that is not contaminated and that the mulch you use isn’t toxic either. Chicken manures will contain the excretia of the chemicals a chicken was fed so you need to be careful there too. I recommend you raise about six chickens at the same time as you plant your organic garden. That way you will have organic fertilizer and you can either eat, sell or give away the organic eggs they lay.

    I’ve tried all sorts of methods and I like raising my vegetables in pots the best, that way i can move them and water them and control the sil and environment most easily. Raised beds work for other people but for me they get dry too fast.

    Ashes from burned paper and wood along with non-toxic manure and healthy dirt are the best way for me to start with. Some people do composters but I just find it best to use soil, a little ashes, some organic potting soil is sometimes good depending on what you have at your disposal.

    The dirt you start with might be loamy, then you are lucky. If it is too clay you need to add sand and compost. If it is too sandy you need to add loam and clay.

    Some areas have an agriculture Department who will sell you seedlings much more cheaply than any nursery. However, you can also very easily just scrape tomatoe seeds off your bread board and withing aq week or two you’ll have seedlings and in two more weeks you can transplant them.

    Eggplants too have lots of seeds in them so you don’t need to buy seeds at all. Just plant them from the foods you eat.

    Green onions are easy to grow from the store just cut off the green tops and replant the roots.

    Worms are really very important for any organic farmer. Never use any fertilizers that are made of chemicals that will kill your earthworms!

    Farming doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out but when you start out unless you have some guidelines you are sure to make mistakes. So read up on organic farming and you will do fine.

    Good luck!!

  2. It is a lot of work to start it off but very satisfying if you like gardening.Have no time to spare?Find an organic growers market and buy your stuff from them.Check the search links for more advice.

  3. Organic vegetable and fruit gardening is much easier than most people think. To start, don’t try to make the soil you already have organic. This could take years. Instead, build a raised garden bed right on top of your soil and you will have FULL control over your soil from the get-go. Raised Garden beds keep weeds out naturally so you will virtually never have to weed.

    As far as naturally keeping pests out, you can do this easily buy planting companion plants that deter garden pests.

    And make sure to buy organic seeds. You can find out everything about organic gardening from the following website:

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