How To Use Outdoor Garden Statues To Enhance Your Yard And Garden

How To Use Outdoor Garden Statues To Enhance Your Yard And Garden

Outdoor garden statues can bring a garden to life or add color and charm to your yard or they can make the outside of your home look garish and cartoonist depending on what type of garden statues you use and how well they fit into their surroundings. While garden statues do have their place in the modern garden, not every statue will fit every garden. Here are some tips on how to use garden statues effectively as part of your outdoor décor.

Choose The Right Size Statue

The first mistake that many people make in choosing garden statues is choosing the wrong size. When it comes to garden statues bigger isn’t necessarily better. If you have a small garden or are planning on using a statue in a yard that has low growing plants, then a 20 foot statue is going to look out of place and extremely awkward. In most small gardens a 3 to 4 foot statue looks far better than a tall statue does.

Know What You Are Trying To Draw Attention To

Outdoor garden statues work best when they are used to draw some attention to a special feature of your lawn or garden. Before, rushing out to buy that statue determine just what feature you want to highlight and what type of statue will best highlight that feature. For example, if you are trying to draw attention to that water garden or back pond, choosing a statue of a deer drinking from the pond or even a small boy with a fishing pole will gain people’s attention easily and naturally drawing their eye to the pond. Where as a 7 foot statue of a Yeti may get their attention but, they won’t notice the pond at all.


Not only should your statue draw attention to the feature but, it should become part of the scene not overtake it. You don’t want your garden statue to provide a jarring note to your garden scene.

Buy Quality

You are also going to want to choose a quality made statue. Those plastic statues do nothing to enhance your yard unless you are going for an amusement park look. A well made resin, metal or stone statue may cost a bit more but, they will make a classy addition to your outdoor décor.

Know What To Avoid When Choosing Garden Statues

It is just as important to know what to avoid when choosing garden statues as what to look for. Here are some things to avoid when choosing that outdoor garden statue for your yard or garden.

•    Avoid buying impulsively. Just because a statue catches your eye doesn’t mean it will work in your yard or garden.
•    Avoid over doing it. Many people get carried away in buying garden statutes that their garden ends up looking like a garden center or a statue park. Unless you have a lot of acreage usually one or two statues are sufficient to highlight your yard or garden.
•    Don’t plan your garden around a statue. Statues should be used to highlight your garden not the other way around. If you buy a statue and then build your garden around that feature you may end up with a garden you hate.

Outdoor garden statues are the perfect way to highlight that beautiful garden that you have worked hard to achieve. As long as you think of this yard décor as an accessory to a beautiful yard or garden and not the main focal point you will be able to choose the statue that is right for your home.

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