“Simple Gardening tools that make it fun”

“Simple Gardening tools that make it fun”


More of the essential tools that every gardener needs

Sprinkler – Technically, you will get by with no sprinkler, but if you have a relatively large garden or a lot of plants or short time to spend watering your garden every day, having a sprinkler can be a great thing. There are basic sprinklers that don’t cost a lot and there are very advanced models that have timers, water monitors, adjustable spray patterns, and other features.

A basic sprinkler is a great investment for a small garden. If you have a large garden or if you have plants that require different amounts of water then installing a sprinkler with adjustable spray patterns can be a real time and water saver.

Lawnmower – A lawnmower? For a garden? Yes, indeed. A lawnmower does

more than just cut grass. A lawnmower is also a great tool for turning weeds and leaves into mulch and compost and for keeping your garden and garden paths tidy. If you have a large garden that can develop a lot of mulch then you may want to invest in a higher end mower that has a connected bagging system that will bag the mulch for you.

Broom – If you do decide to use a broom to keep your backyard looking tidy and neat, make sure that you buy an outdoor broom! You don’t want to be attempting to keep your garden swept up with an indoor broom or you’ll find out quickly that it doesn’t work too well. Outdoor brooms can be found at any gardening center or local hardware store so it’s a smart idea to buy top quality outdoor broom or two. Outdoor brooms will also be great for sweeping up walkways, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and other outdoor spaces.


Loppers – Loppers would be the big, metal handled pruners which you often see people using to cut rose bushes or another thick bushes, hedges, and trees. When you’re first clearing a space for your garden you’ll need loppers to help get rid of any brush or branches that are in the form of your garden.

Just like with pruning shears you should buy the best quality loppers you can afford because there is a really huge difference in quality between cheap loppers and more expensive loppers.

Hoe – A hoe is probably the most elementary gardening tool and the most important. A hoe is a tool that can be used for preparing soil, for planting, for weeding, and for almost every other garden task. People have used hoes to garden for centuries. A top quality hoe may very well be made from steel or another metal. Because you will you make use of your hoe for nearly everything in a garden, if you are going to spend a higher amount of money on one tool than on another, you should spend more on a good hoe. You’ll likely need both a short-handled hoe and a long-handled hoe. A short handled hoe is best for doing tasks like weeding and planting while a long handled hoe will be essential for preparing rows of soil to be planted and weeding large patches of garden. Long handled hoes are also great for cleaning up weeds and garden clippings.

Gardening Gloves – You should invest in a minimum of one pair but ideally two or three pairs of very high quality gardening gloves. Gardening gloves will protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, scratches, bugs, germs from your soil, and mulch or compost and much more ,get more information on Gardening from my new book http://quickinfoebooks.com/home/beginners/

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