Starting a garden? advice?

by xooorx

Kitty asks: Starting a garden? advice?
Hi I want to make a garden to grow some veggies, what is good to start this time of the year? or should i wait? I live is so CA.

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Answer by Steve
Buy a copy of The farmer’s almanac! Most grocer stores have them

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  1. I am from northern U.K. and usually obtain onion bulbs, potatoes and carrots, seeds etc in the spring when they appear on sale in garden centres. i plant them straight away into my vegetable garden after purchasing in the spring, water and use a water soluble plant/veggie feed such as “Miracle-Gro” throughout the summer then i harvest carrots, potatoes and onions in october to november time, well in advance before our freezing winter weather sets in! or for others like tomatoes and strawberries etc i pick them as they ripen during the year.

  2. First, prepare for more work than you thought you would need. Prior experience tells me that.
    Two, prepare your planting areas. Now is a good time for that. Add a bale of peat moss to the area just for good measure.
    3, Seed packets usually give you a starting date on them. Plant some, wait a week or two and plant some more and ,,,, You get a never ending supply harvest time from them
    4 Local nurseries get transplants in that will sale. They are smarter than me. they do not get winter transplants in in the spring. Check them out. A lot of transplants are easier to grow than seeds.

    I live in Fort Worth Texas, been doing this for a few years now.

  3. I live in Central California (Monterey Peninsula about 25 miles north of Big Sur)We have :micro-climates”; what grows in my neighbor’s garden might not survive in mine. Yes, it really is that sensitive. If this will be your first attempt at growing vegetables, I recommend a few things things:
    1) Know your growing zone: Pick up a copy of the Sunset Western Garden Book. (It’s the Bible of Gardening. Learn your zone for selecting plant material suitable for your zone.
    2) For your first veggie garden, use starter seedling plants rather than seeds.They are already established for planting directly into the soil. Wait until next year to propagate from seed.
    3) prepare your soil! This is the life blood for any plant. Rich, sterile garden soil is available in bags at garden centers & home improvement stores. You can plant in an area on your own property where you receive several hours of sunshine and you have a water source that is close to the garden. Adding a product such as Kellogg’s AMEND to your soil will enrich your existing soil with nutrients that it may be lacking.
    Start with “easy-to-grow” seedlings. Tomatoes, pole beans, lettuce and artichokes.
    Mix in a few marigold plants among your veggies and plant chives right next to the tomatoes. (Keeps the bugs at bay.) Feed with a safe fertilizer. (chicken poo, bat guano are two of the best.) Keep the weeds pulled. Select your favorite salad dressing and start planning for next season!

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