Antique Garden Benches

Antique Garden Benches

Garden benches that are very old and have been able to withstand climatic changes can be classified as antique garden benches. Such benches are usually very ornate and have lots of carvings in them. They can be made out of any material, but the most commonly used materials are stone, iron and terracotta among other things. Usually wooden garden benches are not found as antique garden benches, as they are perishable and disintegrate over time.

Antique garden benches are usually unique pieces which display fine craftsmanship and are very intricately and exquisitely designed. These benches usually belong to the period of medieval Europe and from the period of the renaissance. They serve mostly as ornamental pieces, which are used not just for seating purposes but also as decorative items. Their main feature in fact is to add beauty to the gardens by making the latter more ornate.

These antique garden benches are usually representative of some region or art school. Many of them are stone garden benches that have survived for many years. These antique garden benches usually have supplements like similar designed fountains, statues and other garden furniture around them. All of these antique pieces along with the garden benches constitute antique furniture for gardens.

Such ornate antique garden benches are found easily in exclusive furniture shops that deal in antique furniture. These garden benches can also be found at auction houses, wherein only the unique and extraordinary pieces are available. Antique garden benches are also available through online catalogues that have a large number on antique goods on sale. Prices for such antique garden benches depend on their shape, size and age. In case the garden benches are extremely old with unique designs and carvings, they can be extremely expensive. The prices of such antique benches may well run into thousands of dollars. However, one must authenticate the value of such expensive benches before paying for them. There are many antique appraisers who would be happy to provide that service.

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