Figuring Out Your Gardening Style

Figuring Out Your Gardening Style

What type of gardener are you?  Figuring out your gardening style is important if you want to have a beautiful garden that will actually get maintained, because if you enjoy your garden then you are more likely to work in it.  Here are a few things to think about when you are considering your gardening style.

#1. How much time do you want to spend in your garden?

This is an important question to ask, because it will determine not only how big your garden is, but what types of plants you want to have as well.   If your time is minimal start with a small garden or a container garden and use plants that thrive in the climate you are in.    You can make even a small garden stand out with garden containers and fencing for accents.

If you have more time then you may want to consider a larger garden and plants that require more maintanence. 

#2. Consider the look you want to go for.

Cottage style perennial gardens work well for most people.  Once they are established they are very easy to care for.  If you have a very modern style house or a contemporary style then an Asian garden may be a good way to go for you.  Another thing that you can do is create a rose garden.  This is a good choice if you are a romantic type of person.  The newer varieties are easy to care for and bloom profusely.

#3. Put your personality into your garden with your landscaping.

You’re plants will say a lot about you, but sometimes it is the other elements that can really make your garden stand out.  Garden fencing, statues, and containers should all be chosen to reflect your personality and style.

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