first time tomatoe plant grower needs some advice please?

Gi J asks: first time tomatoe plant grower needs some advice please?
okay, so i have decided to start growing my own tomatoes in my garden and I have no idea where to start. I am CLUELESS

I am guessing I will need some potting soil as well as cow manure, liquid plant food and the seeds to grow tomatoes, and I think all of these can be purchased as my local walmart here in TX.

right now the weather is getting cold, damp and rain sometimes.

Can someone please advice a novice like me?

thank you

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Answer by Jrbott
To start with read this:
not that it may answer your question but after you digest it you can ask specific ones.

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  1. Tomatoes are frost-tender, so it’s probably too early to grow them outside, even in Texas. If you set tomatoes out too early, they’ll either die when they get hit by frost, or they’ll grow very slowly and be subject to more pests and diseases. Tomatoes need daytime temperatures in the 70’s, and nighttime lows in the 60’s, as well as at least 6 hours of strong sun to thrive. They’re unlikely to get enough light or heat to do anything until at least February or March. When seedlings are available in local nurseries, it’s usually safe to start setting them out, but it’s best to check with your county ag extension office and find out when your last frost date usually is.

    For more information on growing tomatoes, see

    Good luck!

  2. Plant tomato plants in April, not now. They grow better in the ground than in pots. Start with small plants from walmart in April and not seeds for a first time grower.

  3. You may not need all those items – cow manure is to harsh it is used to nourish the soil before you start gardening; but I do this – I collect all the produce scraps in a bowl, after a couple of days I will blend them and they pour the liquid in the area I will be planting. You will have to work that in the soil by turning the dirt.

    If you are a first time grower I would suggest that you get a plant that has already started; best starter are about 4″ pots. I you can find heirlooms then you can save the seeds for the best tomatoes.

    Seeds need to be keep in a cool, dry place and must go through a faux winter; you can put them in your fridg crisper.

    This is not a good time to grow tomatoes unless you have a greenhouse and you only need water and maybe some plant food.

    good gardening

  4. hello gi J,

    My name is Gardengail and I work for the home depot in the garden center.
    If you are starting your plants in pots, the potting soil is complete in itself and will not need the cow manure. You can also find organic potting soil with the organics already mixed in for the first few months.
    If you are planning on using steer manure in your garden put it in now to overwinter in your yard and just plant your plants in the ground come spring. Chicken manure is also less hot to use than steer and is a great additive to your garden.
    Check with your local nurseries as to when to start your seeds indoors for spring planting in your area,
    You will also be able to get onion sets and potatoes which are easy to grow with your tomatos and are planted from bulbs, also very easy to grow.

  5. I’ve grown plenty of tomatoes in my life and they’ve all turned out great except the first year when I did no research. You will surely need soil and manure, but where do you live?
    Is it just damp and rains or frost as well. If it gets too cold try planing tomato saplings indoors and once the weather outside is suitable transfer them into the ground.

    Once they grow trim them as well. That’s all you need to do. Remember – never overwater

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