Garden Benches – A Classic Accent for Your Outdoor Space

by nixter

Garden Benches – A Classic Accent for Your Outdoor Space

Garden benches are one of the most fundamental forms of outdoor furniture – you can make one of your own with little more than two similarly sized and level objects and a sanded wooden board. Though the concept of a bench is rather simple, garden benches can be fashioned in ornate styles that represent baroque/rococo era or sleekly stylized to suit modern tastes. The appeal of garden benches, regardless of the style in which they are made, is their versatility in an outdoor space. Garden benches can be placed where other pieces of garden furniture rarely go – smack dab in the middle of a flower garden, up against the wall of house, directly beneath a tree, along side a sidewalk, etc.

Garden benches are the equivalent of a welcome sign that you can sit on. If you place a garden bench along side the sidewalk in front of your house, passers-by can use it as a place to rest before they continue on their morning stroll. When set beneath trees, garden benches welcome guests to sit and enjoy the shade if not but for a moment. When against a wall on the front porch, garden benches welcome people into a home. And when in the middle of a garden, garden benches invite people to take the time to sit and watch the garden grow. After all, there is no better place to watch a garden grow than from right in the middle of it.

But as you may already know, garden benches are much more than just places to sit. They are pieces of garden décor; in a manor of speaking, they are art. Whether being admired from afar or from within sitting-distance, you can be sure that your garden benches will be admired. It is wise to choose one that you yourself will enjoy viewing, just choose a painting to suit your sofa. If you think that your garden or your yard is missing something, consider whether or not garden benches can fill that void – it is not always plants and flowers that a garden needs! Interestingly enough, it is often the furniture and décor that can make a garden feel completed. A garden bench might just be the perfect finishing touch for your garden.

And no matter what your tastes, if you look long enough, you are going to find some garden benches that match them. There are concrete garden benches, wooden ones, marble ones, metal ones, and more. There are ones with backs and ones with cushions, ones that double as storage devices, and ones that are curved and some that are straight. There truly is a great variety of garden benches that can be placed in your yard or on your patio.

Even if you choose to have very little outdoor furniture, a garden bench is still a piece that you should consider setting up in your yard. Remember: garden benches are so much more than seats; they are art!

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