Garden Sheds: Pet Accommodation

Garden Sheds: Pet Accommodation

Today dog kennels have become quite sophisticated. No longer a ‘box’ in the yard, they come in all shapes and sizes, designed for pet health and comfort.

A super, deluxe one is rather like a small stable, with window and stable doors. It has a built in floor, so it is off the cold ground. Of course it is all of wood, which is cool in summer and warm in winter. It is large enough for a person to go inside and give it a good clean out when necessary, and spacious enough for the dog to be locked in for short periods of time; an asset if he is not fond of strangers and outsiders spending a few hours working on your property. Equally useful if you are watering the garden and he is a dog who loves to attack the hose pipe!

There are the other types of kennels too which are small and simple, just a warm shelter in bad weather, without doors, so the dog comes and goes at will.

These need not necessarily be unsightly. Some have minor decorations and gables, and are really neatly finished.

Puppies need special accommodation. When they are born, the mother needs a large, rectangular area with a rail or ledge so that she doesn’t accidentally squash her babies when she lies against the wall. These railings or ledges are fairly easy for you to install yourself, if you have a nice big kennel for your puppy family. You can also buy a ‘whelping box’ that you can fit into your kennel. These are typically made of heavy duty plastic that makes it wonderfully easy to wash out……puppies can make the most daunting messes!

If the puppies are due in the cold months, you may have to have your bitch indoors to whelp, but it is possible to install extra insulation in your large dog kennel and organise heating, such as a waterproof pet bed heater or an adjustable heating lamp.

They will be perfectly cosy then. Make sure that all plugs and wires are out of reach of nosy little puppies!

When they grow bigger, they may need a run outside on the lawn. Unless they are really huge puppies, most gardens have places where the little animals can wriggle through and get away from the safety of the part of the garden you want them to be.

They need fresh air and sunshine for their health, and they also need a place where they can play and rough and tumble. You can get pet pens in various sizes for them. You can put it up on your lawn, and very easily move into shade or sunshine as you will. They are usually neat and not unattractive. They are also designed without sharp edges or corners where the pups can hurt themselves, and nowhere that they can get leverage to climb out.

Incidentally these little portable runs make wonderful safe places to sun your guinea pigs, rabbits, tortoises or other small pets. You can move them around when the grass in that place is nibbled short enough!

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