Gardening Gifts for Those Without Gardens

Gardening Gifts for Those Without Gardens

Some people love gardening and gardens but circumstances may prevail that they are no longer able to have or manage one themselves anymore or at the moment. We have come up with some gardening gift ideas suitable for anyone who’s had to bring their love of gardening indoors. Houseplants are the perfect way for bringing some of the garden inside and do wonders to brighten up a room. Certain plants can even offer health benefits by purifying the air (ideal for flats) and helping to fight colds and prevent headaches too. If someone has houseplants, one thing they’ll need for sure is a means of watering them. While many people will just use a kitchen jug, this is not ideal for the purpose and a watering can is much better. We have plenty of attractive watering cans which are small enough to be just right for watering indoor plants.

Some of our favourites include the smaller versions of the animal watering cans, such as the Baby Elephant or Chick, both of which hold half a litre of water making them nice and compact. They will also look fantastic sat on a windowsill or counter when not in use and can be a real talking point. If you think the person you are giving a gardening gift to would prefer a more traditional shape of watering can, then the Sunflower Watering Can is ideal for them. With a yellow and green vintage advert design, this can has a rose head which will water the plants more gently and allow better flow control.

As well as plants, growing your own herbs is also a popular pastime for someone who loves cooking as much as they love gardening, if not more. The Rocket Garden Compact Herb Garden is a fantastic gardening gift for anyone who enjoys both. This is just one of many gardening gift ideas for rocket gardens that we have available, and comes as a gift certificate for the recipient to redeem when they choose. It comprises eight pots of popular growing herbs which can be grown on a balcony, window sill, patio, or window box. What’s more, this is a gift that keeps on giving because its owner should be able to enjoy these herbs in their recipes for many years.

If you are just looking for some gardening gifts which do not require any actual gardening, then take a look at our lovely little Watering Cans Cruet Set, which is perfect for any plant lover. These two little silver traditional watering cans are actually salt and pepper shakers which will make a real talking point of any dinner table. They are also sturdy enough for using outside on a picnic and are made with nickel plating so won’t rust.

The last of our suggestions for gardening gifts for you today is the Spring Flower Pendant. This heart-shaped clear pendant houses real fresh flowers, with each flower beautifully preserved. We have many jewellery items in the same range, but this particular pendant uses tint roses and other spring flowers.

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