Gardening Plants – An Endless Buffet to Choose From

Gardening Plants – An Endless Buffet to Choose From

If one were to start listing the names of the garden plant, even a hundred page book will not suffice. Gardening plants include almost all varieties like flowers, herbs, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, and many others. Gardening plants also vary from season to season, some flourish during the spring-summer season and some like the fall-winter period. Whatever kind of a garden you may decide to have you will have plenty of plants to choose from to suit your taste.

You may even opt for gardening plants that can be more than just ornaments in your garden. In fact it is very satisfying to grow plants like herbs, fruits and vegetables. When the time to harvest the produce comes, it can be very exciting and fulfilling. The common vegetables suited for home gardens are peas, corn, cucumber, squash, potatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, lettuce, beet, spinach etc. they are a good choice for larger farms too. Strawberries, cherries, apricots, blueberries, tomatoes, plums and pears are some of the more popular fruits. Herbs are liked by all for their fragrant quality, they add fragrance to cooked food and make the salads all spiced up. Popular home grown herbs are chives, lavender, mint, dill, sage and thyme.

Summer garden’s are a colorful riot and soothe the weary eyes, but it is difficult to maintain a colorful garden during the winter months. It is a challenging task, but with planning and diligent care you can have a lovely garden year round. Rudbeckia is a charming yellow perennial that loves the fall-winter season. Other winter favorites are Japanese anemone, cosmos and Christmas rose.

The word flower normally conjures a colorful image of a spring -summer garden in bloom. Spring-summer garden plants are among the loveliest sights on the earth and are an inspiration for our creativity. Some of the spring favorites are violets, tulips and daffodils. The warmer months are preferential to lilies, roses and dahlias.

Many gardeners opt for decorative grass or shrubs to add to the beauty of their gardens. Monkey grass is an absolute favorite for the sidewalks. These gardening plants are well used for looks or to maintain privacy or even as borders or fences. Shrubs are an easy lot to maintain and are a defining feature for any garden or yard.

An endless variety of gardening plants are available to choose from, for your garden of dreams. You can choose them for their looks or for their uses. The garden plants can be ornamental or useful. You can select the type of plants you would like to have in your garden. The plants could depend on the specific style you have chosen for your garden, on the season or even according to the colors you want in your garden. A kitchen garden is not only useful, but also helps you grow a good produce for your kitchen. Whatever style or character you choose for your garden, you will need to take good care of your garden and maintain it diligently if you don’t want a yard full of dirt.

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