Making Gardening Easier With Garden Carts & Wheelbarrows

Making Gardening Easier With Garden Carts & Wheelbarrows

If you’re a serious gardener either a garden cart or a wheelbarrow is an important tool to have for help with many of your gardening and landscaping tasks. Without one of these certain jobs would be incredibly difficult if not impossible to do without a great deal of help from others. The more you garden the more important it will be to have one as there will always be things you will need to haul like top soil, compost, plants, other tools, garden ornaments or landscaping materials like wood chips or decorative rock.

Garden carts and wheelbarrows work generally the same but they do have slight differences that make them function a little different from each other. Depending on your needs one may be better than the other for you.

Garden Carts

A garden cards have straight sides and a flat bottom. They usually have two or more large wheels and they were made to be pulled.

They can typically handle larger loads than a wheelbarrow and they are more stable but they are harder to use on rough or non-smooth terrain. There are different types of carts, the larger ones work well for heavier loads and larger materials like stones and firewood, while some of the smaller ones work well for moving flats of plants and small garden tools. Some of the smaller ones include a cover so they can also be used as a handy place to sit between or during jobs.


Wheelbarrows have angled sides and either one or two wheels in the front. Because they were designed to be pushed you walk behind them giving you the ability to maneuver better over different types of terrain. They work especially well for loose cargo, things like gravel, soil or compost.

The design of the wheelbarrow, with the handles, wheels only in front and the sloping sides make it easy to dump loose loads.


Before buying either you will want to consider your true needs to make sure you get what will work best for you. Consider things like the terrain, what you are more comfortable using, what size do you really need, height for loading and unloading, metal, wood or plastic. Try a few out first to make sure they feel comfortable but will also fit your needs.

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