Practical Tips for Garden Design

by jeredb

Practical Tips for Garden Design

A common mistake when planning a garden is not deciding on your garden’s design before you begin planting. If you take into consideration all aspects of what you would like to see in your garden, then chances are the end result is going to be beautiful.

If you are just starting out, it might be a good idea to talk to a professional gardener to get advice on how best to lay out your garden. Many gardeners are willing to do a consult with you and some will even do it for free. You will need to determine the location of your garden first, so that you will know the amount of light that your garden will receive. Plants, flowers and vegetables vary greatly in the amount of light that is required for them to succeed. If your garden is going to be in the shade, make sure that items you include in your garden are able to grow under these conditions.

Perhaps the most important thing to do when you begin your garden design is to fence your garden in.

Fencing your garden has several advantages. First, it helps to protect your garden from critters who are apt to destroy or damage it. It also helps to set firm boundries for the garden and help you establish where you want to plant. But besides the practical, fenced in gardens can look especially beautiful.

You have several options when creating a garden fence. You can make it out of wood or dry stones. The best choice is probably vinyl fencing. A vinyl fence looks very attractive, but it also is easy to maintain and can withstand the elements as well as any animals that might try to damage your fence or garden. Vinyl fencing can be purchased in ready made form to save you time and energy.

Once you have selected your fence, map out where you are going to plant each item. Make sure you give plenty of room for each plant and consider what will happen if one of your plants is an overachiever. You don’t want your garden to suffer because you packed it too full.

Consider adding some interesting design elements to your garden. One choice is evergreens. Evergreens work well in a garden because they smell great, have cones and berries and are very versatile. Another option to consider is pansies. Pansies are tough flowers and they can bloom even when it snows! If you carefully design your garden you will have year round beauty.

The best tip for garden design is simply to design it. Many gardeners will overlook this crucial first step. If you take the time to plan out your garden, both in terms of design and when is the ideal time to plant, you will be the envy of your neighborhood soon.

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