Purchasing A Garden Tiller

Purchasing A Garden Tiller

Article by Lanny Hintz

Garden tillers are really quite expensive considering how often the average gardener uses one. Garden tillers are exceptionally useful when creating a garden, especially if you are creating a garden where there is currently a lawn. Garden tillers are also excellent for tilling and cultivating a garden of annuals, though it can be very difficult to till or cultivate a garden full of perennials without tilling the plants as well.Garden tillers come in all different varieties, strengths, speeds, and sizes. The garden tiller that will match your needs will depend on your average usage. If you just purchased a home on three acres of land without any landscaping and you are ready to get busy with the dirt, then a large garden tiller with multiple settings is in order. If you own a town home in the city and have just a little patch of land to cultivate, then obviously you won’t need the most powerful or the biggest garden tiller.Garden tillers will adequately do the job of a shovel, a hoe, and even a rake all in one motion. Garden tillers do require a certain amount of upper body strength to operate, especially the large garden tillers. As garden tillers do their job, obviously the dirt becomes quite loose, often a few feet below the earth’s surface. This makes for a rather unsteady surface to walk on while trying to manage a large piece of equipment. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing a garden tiller. A slight individual may have a very difficult time with a large garden tiller.Some garden tillers come with a setting that allows for the neat and clean trimmings of the edges around the garden. This is a very handy feature in a garden tiller, especially if you are using it to create a brand new garden. Many of these garden tillers come with an available ground clearing feature, which allows the garden tiller to chew up and cultivate the top layer of weeds, small bushes, and even some tiny saplings. This is useful whether you are actually putting in a garden or you are simply fighting the annual weed battle with the woods behind your house.Purchasing a garden tiller is a fairly large financial commitment, although one that can save your back, your knees, and your very valuable time. Most people who own them believe that they were well worth the expense, even if they only use it once a year. The physical toll on the body that was relieved by the annual gardening is priceless.

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