Rattan garden furniture versus wooden garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture versus wooden garden furniture

As we look out the window at the grey dull days, leafless trees, when all around us seems lifeless and frozen we start to look forward to the transformed scape brought by the soon to change seasons. We start to think forward to spending time in the garden with friends and family.

One of the greatest ways to enhance our enjoyment of the summer and our homes is to invest in a suite of quality garden furniture. Garden furniture makes the garden so much more enjoyable and usable. By a simple but careful choice of putting in specially designed furniture the space is re-orientated into the ultimate form of gentle rest and relaxation. It turns a garden, somewhere we often do little more than admire visually into something so much more, a place we can enjoy physically.

A place to spend our time, a place to relax, to chat to friends and family, Somewhere to casually drink, to eat together , a place to enjoy the sounds and smells of summer, a place to play and just ‘be’.

So what sort of furniture should we invest in ? It seems such a simple decision, surely in this internet age we just go online and purchase some pieces of furniture for the garden and within a few days its delivered neatly and without fuss to our homes. No messing about humping things about at the garden centre or struggling and failing to get them to fit in the car.

But what furniture should we buy ? A few pieces of wooden furniture would do the trick surely ? A wooden table, some chairs, a lounger… ? What many of us fail to realise when we first buy garden furniture is that it lives outside in the elements- the famed British weather.

It suffers, heat, cold, direct sunlight, rain. It gets damp and often stays damp.It can grow moss. If we get wood we have to maintain it, we have to rub it down, we have to varnish it, every year, because it is wood. We have to get it away from the British elements for 6 months of the year, in other words we have to find space to store it. Its heavy and unwieldy, difficult to move. And it can rot, meaning in no time at all we have to look to replace our investment.

But there is another way…..

Rattan Garden furniture is the miracle invention that more and more of us are discovering for our gardens. Its hard wearing, heat and cold resistant, its lightweight and therefore easy to move. Its uber stylish and if you buy right will last for years and years maintenance free. Some quality suppliers like “Rattan garden furniture world.com ” are so convinced of their products that they offer a 5 year warranty. Each piece of their rattan furniture range takes between 2 and 3 days to create and is built by hand using high grade aluminium framework. So for this summer invest in garden furniture but make sure its rattan furniture for years of carefree enjoyment.


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