Serene Gardens in Brixham

Serene Gardens in Brixham

An unforgettable family vacation awaits you in the quaint maritime town of Brixham. Do not leave your pet alone at home because there are many dog-friendly locations in town. During your dog-friendly holidays in Brixham, visit beaches and parks, gardens and zoos, villages and the countryside, and museums and castles to create fond memories with your loved ones. For a luxurious stay, choose the dog-friendly Brixham holiday cottages. It has excellent self-catering facilities and modern amenities at a reasonable price.


Berry Head

Visit the Berry Head during your dog-friendly Brixham holidays because it is the perfect spot to enjoy jogging, biking, picnicking, or nature tripping.

You can go here early in the morning or in a late afternoon; whichever way, it is just easily accessible from the dog-friendly Brixham holiday cottages. This fascinating wildlife hot spot in Torbay earned a position to the 200 National Nature Reserves of England because of its sheer beauty, unique species, and cleanliness. It is also a historical place because there are two fortresses here used during the Napoleonic war era, which are considered among the Ancient Monuments of the country.

Around the Berry head, you will find towering cliffs, scrub areas, and picturesque grasslands. It is home to almost 500 species of flora, fauna, and wildlife creatures. Exotic plants like the Honewort, Earl Gentian, Goldilocks’ Aster, White Rock-Rose, and Restharrow also thrive here because of the mild climate condition and thin soils of the place.

Your family and your canine friend will have a relaxing and satisfying time here. Bring a fully charged camera so you can take as many shots as you can.

Battery Gardens

Yet another serene garden worth visiting is the Battery Gardens, also known as the “Grandstand of Torbay”. This natural park home is filled with various species of trees, shrubs, and grass that have been here even before the World War II. The sights and sounds are truly soothing to all the senses. Organize a family picnic here so you can relish all the nature’s bounty during your dog-friendly holidays in Brixham. View the magnificent coastal surroundings. Take a quiet stroll along the shades of Scotch Pines, Firs, and many other trees that were planted in memory of war heroes. Climb the top area of the garden and appreciate the vibrant colours of the bluebells and wild orchids.

Leave the dog-friendly Brixham holiday cottages early in the morning because there is plenty to do here at the Battery Gardens. Let your family pet tag along so it can also breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the place. Take time to discover the ancient emplacements used during the war eras. Explore the museum, open during 1-5 p.m. every Monday, so you can learn about the rich history of this Scheduled Monument. 

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