Solar garden lights

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Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights are an eco-friendly option to meet your outdoor lighting needs. They are hardy, require very little maintenance, except the occasional cleaning and last for more than twenty-five years. With advances in modern technology, it is possible to have solar garden lights in a variety of shapes and styles. These include hanging lights, ground lights, step lights and deck lights.  These lights provide sufficient lighting for decks, yard spots, pathways and staircases. These are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit every budget. These lights consume no electric power, so they contribute nothing to your electricity bill.

The solar garden lights come equipped with tiny units with a solar panel that converts solar energy to electric energy. The unit comes with a light sensor, battery and LED. The lights are wireless, so you can place them anywhere in the garden, so long as the panel gets ample sunlight.

The solar panel has a series of photovoltaic cells on its surface that absorb and store solar energy. A rechargeable battery then stores this solar energy to provide illumination when it gets dark. The lights usually have a light sensor that determines the onset of dawn and dusk and sends a message to the controller to automatically operate the light. For convenience, select lights with a manual override function that you can operate in case the automatic sensor fails. The LEDs conduct electrical current without wires and last for up to twenty-five years. When purchasing garden lights, go for those with fluorescent bulbs if you want bright lights. Always check the intensity of the light before purchasing keeping in mind its placement.

You can place the lights anywhere as per the garden layout wherever there is ample sunlight for the solar panel. You can place them near a fountain or to light up a patch in the garden. Shifting and placement of the lights also does not require any digging or the help of a professional for installation. As the lights have no wire, you can easily shift them during winter and there is no danger of electrical fire due to short-circuit in the garden. They have no moving parts, so are safe around children and pets.

When you buy solar garden lights, buy from a reputed manufacturer who will give a lifetime warranty. This ensures you will get good service for repairs if any, and regular maintenance. In a rare case of malfunction, the manufacturers should replace the lights, during the warranty period. Since the lights will be in the garden, they must be made of durable weather –proof material that can withstand snow, sleet and rain.

Solar garden lights are thus an efficient way to illuminate your recreational space. They are non-polluting, consume no electricity and thus save you money over the long-term. Thus, you can do your bit for the environment by making a small start by installing solar garden lights.

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