Stunning Gardens on Earth

Stunning Gardens on Earth

Well-manicured gardens have welcomed thousands of visitors each year. They tell how much love and effort were put into maintaining the gardens. Such gardens are not only home to many rare animals and plants, but they also feature styles and architecture of certain periods and countries. Let’s catch a city break in stunning gardens around the world.


Bodnant Garden, located above the River Conwy, overlooks the valley towards the Carneddau range of mountains. Notably, the gardens are bounded by clipped box hedges, formal herbaceous borders, and ornamental ponds. The garden has two parts namely the upper garden around Bodnant Hall and the lower portion known as the “Dell”. The former includes the terraced gardens and informal lawns. The latter is formed by valley of the River Hiraethlyn. It is home to many beautiful and interesting plants around the world.


Bodnant Garden, Conwy, Wales


The Huntington’s botanic gardens expand 120 acres. Notably, the gardens, home to many rare plants from around the world, are divided into more than a dozen themes including the Australia Garden, Camellia Collection, Children’s Garden, Rose Hill Foundation Conservatory for Botanic Science, Herb Garden, and Rose Garden.


Huntington Library Botanical Garden, San Marino, California


Courances Castle Gardens is less than 50 km from Paris, France. Its surprising beauty is combined by classical and romantic, historic and contemporary ways.


Courances Castle Gardens, France


Fin Garden, a historical Perian garden, covers 2.3 hectares. Its main yard is surrounded by ramparts with four circular towers. Including Kashan’s Fin Bath, the garden employs many water features and contain many cypress trees.


Fin Garden, located in Kashan, Iran, combines architectural features of Qajar, Zandiveh, and Safavid periods.


Rikygien is one of the most beautiful Japanese style landscape gardens in Tokyo. The garden features a central pond, man-made hills, forested areas, and some teahouse. The garden has 88 spots named after famous places in China and incidents from Chinese history, and Japan.


Rikugien Garden, Tokyo, Japan



The Butchart Gardens, located near Victoria on Vancouver Island, is a group of floral display gardens. Its collections include birds and statuary.


The representation of the Butchart Gardens at the Canadian palivion


The Boboli Gardens, an Italian I Giardini di Boboli, are rich pleasure-gardens. Extending from the hill behind the Pitti Palace over the Arno from central Florence, the garden is one of the largest Italian style gardens. Boboli is dotted with fountains, statuary, and a variety of features.


Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy



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