Teaching Your Children to Appreciate Gardening

Teaching Your Children to Appreciate Gardening

Article by Lisa Tanady

Children can have a lot of fun with gardening the way adults do. It starts with building their interest in seeing plants grow which will teach them to appreciate nature more. If you want your children to be take interest in gardening, you have to show them yourself how fun it is to be working in the garden.

Gardening provides a good opportunity to teach your children responsibility as well. Not only will they get first hand lessons on tending the garden, you will also instill in them the value of hard work, and how satisfying it is to see the fruits of your labor.Just watching the smiles on your children’s faces when it’s time to harvest fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers is enough to make you want to spend more time with them in the garden.

Gardening is also a good way to boost your children’s confidence by praising them for their hard works. You can teach them simple life lessons, and spend some bonding moments through the time you spend with them gardening.

You can also explain to them the natural course of life and why it is important to take responsibility for nurturing something that you consider precious in your life. Taking care of nature entails a lot of responsibility, and yet, it should be done if we want to continue enjoying the gifts that nature so freely gives us.You can also engage them in the decision process. For example, you can give them the different options for fruits, vegetables and flowers that you can plant in your garden and let them choose which ones to plant. You can ask them if they want the garden to be indoors or outdoors. You can also give them the choice on who takes care of what. At first, you would have to educate them on what the best plants are, and the best method there is to make your garden grow.

By showing your children that loving nature has its benefits, they will also earn the same love for the environment as you do. Make your children feel that although gardening may seem difficult at times, it can also be a fun family time. And don’t mind either if they come up with some funny, unusual choices for their plants. What really matters is that they will earn that pride the minute they see the plants growing.

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