The Charm Of French Garden Furniture

The Charm Of French Garden Furniture

The French garden furniture of today draws from a rich and diverse history that resulted in many different styles. From 1715 onward, as the formal French gardens began to yield to the free design of landscaped gardens, people began to enjoy new forms of social leisure at more intimate and beautifully organized “Rococo” garden-parks, distinguished by its naturalistic lattice and leaf pattern at the back with a honeycomb pattern pierced seat that was usually produced in cast iron. The French garden furniture of this time was created from the dreamy park scenes from French painters Antoine Watteau and François Boucher.

Today as in the past, the part of the garden that is closest to the home was considered in an architectural sense like an extension of the house. During the eighteenth century, the garden was perfectly organized with geometrical compartments, formed by shrubbery and gravel walks or stone paths. In the famous garden of Versailles these compartments were called “parterres de broderie” for their resemblance to fine embroidery. French garden furniture did not begin to become present in the garden until after the reign of Louis XIV when the landscape garden became more popular.

For others a more delicate design was preferred to epitomize their vision of an idyllic landscape which led to the development of the method of twisting heavy gauge iron coils into intricate designs that reflected the airy, natural environment of the garden. Today, many people are rediscovering the beauty of French wire garden furniture. Although the look is delicate, French wire garden furniture is incredibly sturdy. These designs are usually found with a rustproof, painted white finish. It is easy to imagine yourself relaxing in this furniture on a warm summer day.

From modern day France there are several notable designs of French garden furniture taken directly from everyday life. On any given afternoon you will find the café’s of France buzzing with activity in a setting that exemplifies the enjoyment of a relaxed lifestyle. The design responsible for the famous folding tables and chairs of the modern French café comes from the original patent registered by Mr. Edouard Lecler in 1889.

Now you can recreate this casual atmosphere with authentic French garden furniture. These fine pieces are available in handcrafted of steel with rust resistant powder coat finish for durability, the chairs and table fold and store flat. French garden furniture is prized for its comfort, practicality and style that are the standards for living well.

The Castille style from Provence in the south of France is recognized by steel wire frame chairs with a perforated steel sheet seat with metal slats to support the back. The artist district of Montmartre has also contributed its unmistakable Parisian mark on French garden furniture. These designs are distinguished by elegant swirls and attention to classic detail. All French garden furniture is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Today in your garden it’s not difficult to recreate landscaping with low evergreens, flowers and a variety of accessories to complement your French garden furniture. If you are fortunate enough to have a very large area you could easily duplicate the feeling of a landscaped garden in France by extending your garden walk to lead to areas decorated with fountains or statues conducive to solitude or entertaining friends and family.

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