Types of Raised Garden Beds and Why They Work

by jeredb

Types of Raised Garden Beds and Why They Work

Raised bed gardening is ideal if you live in an area that suffers from bad soil quality. By creating a patch of well fertilized quality soil at any depth, you can grow virtually any type of plant quickly with the minimum amount of work. Not only are they great for creating instant gardens, but they are also extremely easy to maintain and offer a range of drainage systems to suit any type of plant. They keep your garden nice and tidy in the same way that garden edgings would do.

By elevating your garden area to a more workable height, this opens up gardening to a wider spectrum of people including those in wheelchairs and elderly people who generally suffer from back pain while working the garden. You are also able to place the beds in the perfect locations and can structure them for easy movement around them as well as placing them in spots in the garden that receive the optimum sunlight and shade.

Another great feature of raised garden beds is that the soil is already aerated and you are able to place the best possible soil for your type of growing. Garden bed kits are available from retailers such as Amazon which make the construction and setup of the garden quick and easy without any do it yourself experience being needed. With your raised garden bed, you will be able to harvest far more per square foot than in a standard flat bed garden. This is because you are able to control the soil levels as well as feed the soil more precisely for the type of plants, herbs or vegetables that you want to grow

Keeping your vegetable garden in a raised garden means that you can also keep little critters like moles and mice at bay a lot easier and your domestic animals will have to work a little harder to get their paws on your growing produce. Once you have your vegetable garden producing vegetables, you can consider composting scraps from your garden to keep the soil in the best possible condition and use the nutrients left over from last years harvest to promote growth this year round.

Growing vegetables, herbs and flowers is extremely rewarding and having the ability to grow produce that would normally not be possible means that you can become far more self sufficient. While it may seem strange, many people who grow their own food find that it tastes that much better for knowing that it came from their own backyard.

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