Use Decorative Fencing to Add That Touch of Charm to Your Garden

Use Decorative Fencing to Add That Touch of Charm to Your Garden

Article by Jerry

As the summer weather slowly improves in the UK many of us are planning to change our gardens before the busy summer months starts. Adding something new to your garden can be difficult as many of us don’t want to lose floor space, make our gardens look too over crowded or spend too much money. One solution for making improvements to your garden without spending too much money is to add new fencing to your garden.

To many of us garden fencing acts as a boundary border showing us and neighbours where boundaries begin and end. Fencing is also used as security measure; making our homes harder to break into and more private. Privacy is top priority for many people adding fencing to their gardens; overlooked gardens can often be fixed with tall fence panels.

Fencing can be much more than practical it can also add style to a plain or worn out garden. Fence panels are now available in different styles, sizes and shapes so you can choose the right style to suit your preferences and garden. Decorative fencing can also be used to add style and does not necessarily have to be used on the boundaries of a garden. A single trellis panel can have many uses and can even be used as a screen to hide unsightly features like bins.

The most popular style of decorative panel is trellis fencing. Trellis is a lattice style panel made up of slim timbers laid over one another to create a pattern. Trellis is not a traditional fence panel because it is not solid so does not provide the same security or privacy as more traditional panels like Overlap fencing. Trellis does not just look great it can also be used to grow climbing plants like ivy or honeysuckle. Adding climbing plants to a trellis panel can dramatically change the way it looks.

A full trellis panel may not be the perfect choice for boundary fencing but many solid fence panels also feature small trellis sections. A section of trellis is often found in the top parts of the panel making a 6′ panel feel less solid and claustrophobic. Small trellis sections can also be used for growing plants and adding a plant like ivy to the tops of fencing can give your garden a more natural less manicured look.

A single full trellis panel can be used as a clever garden screen so you can clearly define areas of your garden. Simple add two fence posts to either side of the panel for support. A trellis panel is perfect for hiding bin area in a garden. Simply install the panel in front of the bins and plant honeysuckle plants in the soil below the panel. As the plants grow tease them gently through the trellis and they should naturally grow upwards.

Other decorative panels like chevron weave are fully solid and can be used as boundary fencing. In a Chevron Weave panel wood has been constructed to create a decorative pattern. Adding a decorative style panel around your garden can dramatically change the way it looks making it feel more complete.

Decorative panels are often more costly compared to more traditional panels but many have been pressure treated. Pressure treatment protects wood against rot and water damage. Timber is placed in a vacuum chamber and pumped full of preservatives; because the timber is being treated in a vacuum seal the preservative penetrates the timbers grain. Pressure treated timber does not need to be treated in the same way untreated timber needs to. This means you do not have to paint fencing annually saving both time and money. Decorative fencing is low maintenance making it much easier to look after and if kept in check it can have a longer lifespan.

If you have never considered decorative fencing why not add some to your garden this spring. Decorative Wooden Fencing Panels will add depth to your garden and will compliment any other features in your garden. Fence panels are easy to install even with a complicated design. So why not wow your neighbours, friend and family this summer with a new stylish garden.

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