A Beautiful Garden Arch Is Simple to Achieve

A Beautiful Garden Arch Is Simple to Achieve

Choosing a garden arch and plants

The best garden arch is the one which is smothered in flowers or beautiful foliage. Nobody enjoys seeing scraggly plants struggling to creep over worm eaten timber and it is for these reasons that the best garden arches are well situated, well maintained and that the plants climbing on them are well looked after. A lovely wooden or metal arch smothered in climbing flowers is a great sight at any time of the year and with careful thought you can revitalise your garden with a simple arch. Before you go shopping, take a good look at your garden and decide which area your arch should grace. Do you want the arch to be used as an entrance from one part of the space into another? Is it to brighten up a shady or dull corner? Or is it simply because you like arches and climbing plants? All of these are good reasons to invest in an arch and with a little careful research into climbing plants, you will soon have an archway in your garden which will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

A timber garden arch or a metal one?

A metal garden arch can be good in any situation but in reality they are suited best to either formal gardens or to contemporary minimalist set-ups. Metal is cold and smooth, it speaks of longevity and it lacks fuss whereas a timber garden arch is far more rural in feeling, perhaps reminiscent of a country cottage where nature abounds and things are more free and easy. Likewise your choice of plants for your garden arch should be dictated by the general mood or theme of the garden as a whole. If the garden is an old fashioned place with plenty of traditional cottage garden flowers then climbing Roses or Honeysuckle would be a perfect choice to compliment your outdoor space. For modern gardens then more structural flowers are a good choice; Passion Flowers are dramatic and almost strange to look at and they would work very well in a minimalist garden as indeed would plainer foliage such as Ivy or Mile a Minute.

The top ten climbing plants for your arch

There are so many plants which climb and cling, that it can be daunting to make a choice for your garden arch. The top ten climbing plants for garden arches follow.

Clematis: For ease of growth and outstanding beauty this classic bloom is the top pick for garden arches
The climbing Rose: Who can argue with the loveliness of an English rose? Especially when they are smothered all over an elegant arch
Honeysuckle: For it’s amazing scent and it’s sheer tenacity
Wisteria: This most impressive of climbing flowers is hard to grow to full glory and takes many years but once it is in bloom it’s an unforgettable sight

For a wonderful addition to any garden, a lovely arch covered in flowers makes a great focal point. Do your research and enjoy creating a thing of beauty!

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