Chelsea Garden Show Winners

Chelsea Garden Show Winners

Article by Richard Rowson

Every year the different gardens at the Chelsea Garden Show will surprise you with their beauty and uniqueness. Thousands of people come to see the show including some members of the royal family and each garden features a different theme consisting of different flowers and plants. Horticulture experts design the entire gardens from start to finish using their creativity and resourcefulness with excellent recognition landing on many deserved winners throughout the show.

There are several categories that every garden falls under, and they can win specific awards under each category and every category grants four levels of awards such as gold, silver-gilt, silver and bronze. Special awards are also up for grabs for gardens that meet certain standards, including Best City Garden Award, Best Courtyard Garden Award, Best Chic Garden Award and Best Show Garden Award among others.

Gardens that exhibit vegetables and herbs fall under another category and the winners from this category encourage people to grow their own fruits and vegetables right in their own garden at home and fuse this with decorative plants throughout their garden. Winners from the Lindley category, those that showcase educational or scientific interests use unique technologies that promote resourcefulness and sustainability. Some even built a home office within the garden, using a solar paneled roof for its source of power. It inspires visitors to do the same by creating their own work environment around nature. All other winners from the different categories boast extraordinary designs and purposes that are simply impressive and inspiring, so if you ever get the chance to have an award winning designer work in your garden then snap up their offer before someone else does!

Chelsea Garden show winners exhibit innovative designs that are overall pleasing to the eye and those that deserve an award must not only have a concept that is out of the box, but also one that gives people a one of a kind experience when they visit the garden. Many of the participants have successfully integrated modern elements into the natural beauty of their plant design, giving it a completely distinctive feature. Some of the gardens that won awards at the stimulate the senses of people visiting the garden, or compensate for those that lack one such as hearing or eyesight.

The winners from the Chelsea Garden Show demonstrate intricate creativity and reveal the cultural and social values. It’s amazing how the winners exhibit and give these discoveries and experiences to their visitors year after year with consistently fresh ideas and inspiration.

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