Children?s Garden Tools ? They Can Garden Too!

Children?s Garden Tools ? They Can Garden Too!

If you love to garden and have children you should allow them to help you. Simple tasks like this can teach them a lot about the environment and the cycle of growth. Use this opportunity to enrich their lives and get them interested in the basics of life.

Before you begin gardening take your child out and buy them some children’s gardening tools. If you let your child help pick out their supplies they are more likely to love the whole experience. You can get as many or as few tools as you need. You have many options from rakes, spades, hoes, trowels, forks, buckets and wheel barrows. You may also want gloves, a kneeling pad, apron, or plant markers. Remember to get sturdy tools. Many children’s gardening tools are made of plastic and will only serve to frustrate them before they eventually break.

After you purchase your tools decide what you would like to plant.

If your child is young you may want to start with something that is simple. An older child will be able to understand and do much more. You could even give them their own garden bed. Regardless of what you decide to plant you need to explain the entire process to your child. It will mean so much more to them if they understand how the plant or seed is growing and what is going on beneath the surface.

Once you have your children’s gardening tools and plants of your choice you will need to decide where to plant. If you have an old sandbox lying around use it. Sandboxes can make great garden beds. Now that you have decided on a bed you will have to prepare the soil by breaking it up. You are now ready to put your plant or seeds into the ground.

Your garden may be complete at this point, but there are always fun little extras you could add.

Your child can paint large rocks for decorations in or around their garden. Help your child build a scarecrow to put near your garden. Be creative and make it work for your space.

When working with children remember not to get frustrated. Take your time and be patient with them always. If you get angry or upset you could deter them from every wanting to learn to garden. Try encouraging them and being very positive. Keep in mind how beneficial this whole experience is to your child. There is a deep sense of pride from making a bouquet out of flowers you grew or feeding your family with tomatoes you nurtured.

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