Daily Tips for Gardening

Daily Tips for Gardening

Article by Bryan A Perry

Daily tips to keep your garden blooming

There are many people who think that only those who live in the countryside can grow gardens. Let me tell you, ones with green fingers are an indomitable group. They can create magic with their innovation and cultivate a garden. So it does not matter whether you reside in the country or the city for if you have the desire to create a garden, you can jolly well transform it into reality. Here are some tips that will help you in city gardening:

You can use up your balcony or your garage space for the garden. In case you have narrow balconies, go for shrubs or plants with different heights, especially at the ends and the corners.

Get together plants that have bright colors and interesting shapes to make things look great.

Use the same plant all over your garden and add the colorful flowers only as accents. It will lend a very interesting look to your garden. If you have one or two large plants or trees, it is a good idea to flaunt them.

Since it is going to be a garden in your house, do not go for plants that only display bright colors in spring. It is best to choose those plants which also exhibit a lot of variety in fall. In case you are willing to create a garden in your balcony, here are some tips that will make your garden look great and stay healthy:

So that you can get a lot of height, plant hibiscus plants that grow and bloom throughout the entire summer season and grow up to four or five feet.

Another plant that can add a new kind of look to your garden is the Dwarf Alberta white spruce. These plants have wonderful looking needles that are not sharp, but at the same time, look very interesting. These plants have height on their side as well because they grow up to eight feet.

In case you want your balcony to be a natural riot of colors, you can go for ornamental sweet potatoes. After you get over and done with selecting the plants and getting the arranged, the next step is caring for your plants. For this, you need to know that when it comes to taking care of the plants, there is not much difference between normal gardening and balcony gardening. The plants need the similar things, namely, soil, sun and water. For watering, you can attach a hose to your kitchen sink so that you can easily water the plants whenever you need to.

However, in your balcony garden, the watering has to be more frequent because plants that are kept in containers need more water than those in the ground. This is because the area in which they stay is smaller, and hence the water dries up faster. Another thing that you need to take care of is the fertilizing.

It is best to use fertilizers once a month on your balcony garden. As for weeding, just take out any dried, dead or yellowing growth that you see. If you can follow these simple things, you can grow a fine balcony garden.

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