Finishing Touches For The Garden

Finishing Touches For The Garden

When your garden is planted up and landscaped as you want it, there are a few finishing touches and accessories that you may want to add.

Firstly, it is useful to have a place to sit down within your garden so that you can pass the time and enjoy the space. You can have anything from a complete set of table and chairs to a couple of deckchairs. There are various materials to choose from for your furniture, from metal garden furniture, to resin weave garden furniture, beautiful wood, or funky plastic. You can also get beanbags which are suitable for use outdoors which are available in striking colours and are very comfy to sit on.

A nice finishing touch for your garden is a swing because it can be relaxing and it can be fun. These are available on their own frame or if you’ve got a sturdy enough tree, they can be fixed to that. Be sure the surface beneath is shock absorbing in case anyone falls off.

If you have no grass under the swing, consider some rubberised matting such as that found in kid’s play parks. Hammocks are also excellent for the garden and are also available with or without a frame. They create a holiday atmosphere and can be found in playful, bright material to brighten up the garden.

Ornaments can finish a garden nicely too. They might be anything from the trusty old gnome to contemporary sculpture and they are available in anything from plastic to natural stone, glass or willow. Gnomes won’t be to everybody’s taste but there are so many different kinds of ornaments and art that there will be something for everybody. There’s also many different prices. A mass produced plastic ornament will be less expensive in comparison with a bespoke piece of art by a known artist, but the art and ornaments you choose reflect your individuality and can add a touch of fun or class to your garden.

Lights can significantly change the mood of the garden by night.

Lights can be mains powered with special weather proof wiring, or, for the environmentally conscious, they can be solar powered, working off of rechargeable batteries that are powered by the sun. You might also use candles to generate a magical setting. Candles can be put in lanterns, in hanging glass containers, or you can even simply get hold of old jam jars to put the candles in to shield the flame from the wind. Torch candles work on a still night but there’s nothing to protect the flame if the wind gets up. Often, garden candles are perfumed with citronella to repel pesky insects.

Garden accessories are definitely the little touches that really customise your garden and finish it off.

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