Garden Decor – Accessorize Your Garden

Garden Decor – Accessorize Your Garden

Garden décor has become as important to a garden as the plants themselves. If your garden requires a little love and you’re not really sure what to do, consider refreshing it with new garden decor – the same way you would change the cushions in your house when your sofa needs a lift.

With the variety of garden decor available today it may be confusing knowing what to choose. It’s important to recognize whether or not your garden and your décor are in a harmonious state. For example, if you have a formal garden, displaying a quirky sculpture or a garden gnome will not compliment this setting. Finding the perfect balance between your garden and its décor isn’t difficult if the décor makes sense and fits in with its surroundings.

Statuary is a very common element of garden décor. Whether it’s in the form of a bust or of wildlife it’s important to place them where they appear to belong. For example, if you have a sculpture of a Majestic Heron it’s best to place this décor in a setting where you might find this bird naturally – around a pond, water feature, rocks, logs and tall grasses. A sculpture of a bust form looks great in a formal or English style garden – think of the beautiful gardens of Versailles and try to imagine what type of statues you would find there. Garden décor also adds an element of surprise to your garden. Smaller garden sculptures can be slightly hidden or tucked away amongst your plants for you to discover along your journey, inviting your eyes to search to more treasures.

Another popular garden accessory is the bird house. What a great way to invite the beauty of song to your garden. Learning about the different species of birds in your area is a great hobby for you and your children to participate in. There are many different styles of bird houses and bird feeders available on the market so there is no doubt the perfect one for your garden. Once you have invited the birds to your garden treat them with a refreshing bird bath. You and your family will enjoy watching birds play and splash about all summer long.  

Garden décor can also be extended to the perimeters of your garden such as your fence. A fence, like a wall in your home, is a great location for outdoor art such as metal or wooden sculptures. You may also attach hanging lanterns and decorative brackets with potted plants to your fence posts which is an excellent way to extend the colour in your garden and really makes a statement.  

So have fun with your garden this year and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

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