Gardening – A Simple Pleasure of Life

Gardening – A Simple Pleasure of Life

What a wondrous sight to behold every spring when the first signs of life burst through the ground or at the tips of all the trees and bushes. With these first signs of spring come the first pangs of spring fever. Our flower gardens, vegetable gardens, lawns, herbs and so much more.

Whether your passion for gardening is out of necessity or a deep need to connect with nature the experience to your mind, body and soul are priceless. Gardening can be very therapeutic, relaxing and a unique way to unwind from the very busy and hectic world we live in. The exercise one gets from gardening is enough to get your blood flowing. Breathing the fresh air can almost immediately rejuvenate your spirits and calm frazzled nerves.

The anticipation of your first vine ripened tomato, the first butterfly that comes to feed in the flower garden planted just for them or the first dish you serve cooked with the fresh herbs just picked from your garden the deep pleasure you experience is irreplaceable. These simple pleasures are a good thing.

Gardening is something that can be shared with family and friends. Kids love to garden, its fun, educational, relaxing and they are spending quality time with their parents, siblings and grandparents. They get to experience first hand the wonder of watching something grow from the ground, ask questions and share their joys of gardening with friends.

Gardens are wonderful places for barbecues, birthday parties, and weddings or any type of get-together. Gardens can be quiet places to read, think or just reflect. Gardens offer an ambiance unique to each garden, Year-to-year the ambiance can change depending on the age of a garden or the plants and flowers added.

If you have never tried it but have always wanted to, there is no better time. Everything you would ever need to know can be found online, it is fairly inexpensive and extremely rewarding in so many ways. Simple gardening can offer a lifetime of simple pleasures.

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