Gardening Indoor Plants – A Preferred Choice For Many

Gardening Indoor Plants – A Preferred Choice For Many

The pleasures of indoor plant gardening can be enjoyed even in the most urban of landscapes lacking open space. Indoor plant gardening has a charm of its own, whether you live in the countryside, or a city apartment or house. With a few houseplants, you can brighten up your home and satisfy the need to have a garden. An indoor garden brings nature into your home and brightens up an otherwise drab scene. It can be used to add beauty to your home and give a feeling of being one with nature. Combined with furnishing, lighting and art decor, indoor plants serve to enhance the beauty of the room.

Apart from beautifying the house, indoor plants help to purify the air in the surrounding area. Plants absorb carbon dioxide form the air and give out oxygen. They are a source of fragrance and freshness in the house. Many people find indoor plant gardening to be a therapeutic activity. They enjoy the time spent tending to these plants as a way to escape the rigors and stress of daily life. Most take pride in their plants; it is truly satisfying to see a seedling blossom to its full glory.

People may take up indoor plant gardening to serve a more practical purpose. Herbs grown in containers indoors can be used in cooking or for medicinal purposes. Some varieties of plants that prefer a shady and cool surrounding thrive indoors. Some people find that indoor plant gardening satisfies the creative urge in them. It gives them the satisfaction to see their ideas blossom into a variety of colors like a painted canvas.

One need not have a ‘green thumb’ or be an expert floriculturist to take up indoor plant gardening. Basic knowledge about plant types, growth, soil and watering can go a long way towards success. It need not be an expensive activity either. All it needs is a few pots, plants, soil, and tender care to have a beautiful indoor garden. However, before deciding to undertake the project on indoor gardening, the prospective indoor gardener must consider some basic factors. Facts like the presence of young children and pets in the house, the time that can be devoted to the plants, or the selection of plants for indoor gardening must be given considerable thought. It is advisable to purchase plants that will thrive indoors in the absence of sunlight and require relatively less amount of maintenance and care. A good idea would be to obtain basic information from the local garden centre or plant nursery regarding the type of plants that will grow indoors and the care that may be required to maintain a healthy and lush indoor garden.

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