How Noisy Are Garden Shredders?

How Noisy Are Garden Shredders?

A lot of the garden equipment that you have is very noisy. They usually have gasoline engines that make the noise that neighbors really don’t like to hear, until they have work to be done! The garden shredders have a particularly noisy sound as they not only have the engine revving up to cut through the yard debris, they also have the sounds of the branches and other material being cut up. That does make for a noisy chore! Most of the standard shredders will have a sound decibel level of about 120 db. This is for a gas-powered unit. This will spike every occasionally when you have a particularly large branch to get through it.

There are some units that will run on electricity and they are a bit lower in sound level, however, they will not cut as large a piece of debris as the gas ones. Many of the standard shredders do not have cases that allow for the containment of the noise, so it is right out there for all to hear and they also kick out a bit of smoke, sometimes, which does not make for the best of neighborliness.

When looking for the right model, make sure you take all of this into consideration. The ability to get all of the yard debris cut and placed in an area that it will do some good is something that you need to balance against the noise and air pollution. As mentioned, the electric shredders will cut down on the noise and the smoke and gas fumes.

The sound levels on some of these are reduced down to around 90db. This is a level that will allow a conversation right next to it! That is an advantage when you have neighbors that are up in arms about other things already! Some people have placed their garden shredder in sheds to keep the sound level down.

Some have used a muffler system on the exhaust. Some have even made sure they do all of their shredding as far away from the neighbors as possible. A lot of these tricks will work and the selection of an electric shredder is available if you do not have large branches to cut up. Let’s face it, you are cutting up a lot of brush, leaves, branches, and other things you have cut off of other things or that you have found in your yard! How bad can a little noise for a few minutes be?

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