How To Create Customized Garden Plaques With Mayfair Signs

How To Create Customized Garden Plaques With Mayfair Signs

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The garden is a piece of art and any homeowner would agree that building and planting their garden took creativity, hard work and dedication. Gardeners should consider a garden plaque for a finished and attention-grabbing finishing touch, to complete the look of their masterpiece.

Customized garden plaques are like the cherry on the sundae as far as finishing touches go with your garden. After all of the hard work of planting, weeding and decorating is complete, a customized garden plaque will look splendid amongst the flowers, stones and wind chimes. Creating a custom plaque is easy to do and the sign is delivered very quickly. So even if you’re garden is ready for the summer, there is always time to add a custom sign to the front or back yard, to make the overall presentation pop.

Sign Creation 101: How to Make Customized Garden Plaques

1. Choose a Size and Shape

Like any work of art the size and shape of the sign should be aesthetically pleasing and compliment the garden as a whole. There are many shapes to choose from including: arched, bordered, oval and rectangle. The sizes of the signs will range from quite small to very large. Ideally, provide the dimensions of the garden and ask the service for their opinion. However, if you have a great eye for judging the balance between large enough to catch the attention of passing neighbors, but not so big that it will overpower the rest of the presentation, then select the size that you feel is appropriate.

2. Select Colors

Selecting colors is one of the most enjoyable components of sign creation. Again, the colors should complement the garden. This is a very personal decision but some suggestions could include: matching the background or font color to the color or flowers or decorations, using colors that are not the same but have an aesthetically pleasing effect with the color combinations within the garden, or playing it safe with neutral colors that are not too loud or obvious.

3. Customize an Emblem

The emblem is a very important component of the garden plaque. These emblems can be flowers, insects, mythological creatures, animals and so much more. The emblems really provide the opportunity to create a theme and to highlight a hobby or interest. For a garden plaque, a favorite flower, insect or animal is suitable but it’s really up to the sign’s creator to choose an emblem that speaks to him or her and coincides with the original artistic vision. Emblems are custom painted for free so any customer can have his or her favorite color or pet’s coat perfectly matched. This works toward a sign that truly belongs to its owner in every sense of artistic expression.

Having a garden plaque created is a wonderful way to decorate the garden. Through the use of size, color and emblems, any gardening enthusiast can have customized garden plaques that they connect with. Visit MayFairSigns.

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