Hydroponics Gardening, an Effortless Gardening

Hydroponics Gardening, an Effortless Gardening

Effortless Hydroponics Gardening! When I first heard about it, could not believe or accept this. How can the plants survive without the Soil or water or sunlight? Is there any magic formula? If that could be possible then every one grows their favorite fruit or flower tree in their house interiors. But, then Hydroponics gardening has proved us that it can be done.

What is meant by Hydroponics? Well! Hydroponics simply says that the plants can be grown without the necessity of soil. The Plants will be grown with nutrients. Plants need nutrients for its survival & growth not soil. These hydroponics nutrients are nothing but small quantities of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron; copper & zinc which are tonic to the plants & no requirement of soil. The roots of the plants are dipped in nutrient solution rich in minerals or having a mixture of mineral wool, gravel or perlite. One will be truly amazed after seeing this process & will be keen to try the same in their homes.

Then we may ask ourselves this question, is the soil having no purpose in the hydroponics gardening? Of course it has. The Soil is used to provide strength to the roots as the plants grows. In fact, in natural gardening also the plants use the soil to strengthen their roots & search for nutrients & water. A considerable amount time goes there in the search for those nutrients. This search is not there in hydroponics gardening since the nutrients are first fed to the plants & this makes the growing fasted then the normal gardening process. The roots in hydroponics plants also grow faster as they get ample supply of oxygen unlike in the normal horticulture process where the roots get lesser supply since they remain in soil.

Do we require Hydroponics gardening? So, the question comes do we require Hydroponics gardening? Well, then I would say Yes. * Today, most of the countries or in far off places there is huge water scarcity or lesser water, in such places the hydroponics gardening is a boon to those people for growing fruits or vegetables. * They only need to provide the plants with the required nutrients & nothing else. So, no more cultivation or those long labor hours spent in those dry farm lands. * Also it’s a benefit for those people living in rocky or dessert lands where this is very economic way to get the produce.

The above reason has hold good that hydroponics gardening is benefit in water scarcity areas.

The next advantage is for all those garden lovers who would love have their favorite rose plant or a small vegetable garden of their but are not able to have it due to lack of space etc.Today, cities are more crowded & lack space. The people leaving in houses mostly lack garden space. Well, with Hydroponics Gardening they need not worry. * One can place their desired plants in few pots that are stuffed with the nutrients & can place or hang them in their house interiors. * If one may have the doubt that Plants require sunlight & how can these plants grow in the interiors where sunlight is not reached. Well! No problem, the light emitted from those tube lights is enough for these plants.

So, go ahead & grow your favorite vegetable or fruit in the house tops or the window boxes of your houses.

The practice of hydroponics gardening Today, the practice of hydroponics gardening has been rapid with positive results obtained in several global countries & experts have also mentioned that is has several advantages over the conventional method of gardening.

* Another advantage of the hydroponics gardening is the crops or plants being freed from diseases. Soil is the gateway to allow many diseases or insects damaging the plants. In the normal horticulture process, the farmers have to spray or mix pesticides to kill the diseases. * This process is not only costly but also kills the natural taste of the fruits or vegetables. Imagine having the feeling & taste of chlorine or magnesium in your mouth when you have a bite of the fruits grown here. * As soil is not required in hydroponics gardening, the plants are free from getting attacked with such diseases. * The other advantage is no water logging in case of this. Water logging leads to rotting to plants & this is mostly found in the agricultural lands when there is excess of rain or water flow.

So, vegetables or fruits grown by the process of hydroponics gardening are fresh, reliable & healthy. The gardening process is very simple, easy & clean. One need not take a larger space & is also requires minimum care & effort.

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