Perennial Plants Such As Lavender Are The Mainstay Of Any Garden

Perennial Plants Such As Lavender Are The Mainstay Of Any Garden

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Perennial plants remain in the ground for two or more years, and will spread to fill out your garden beds, perennial plants will provide a vibrant show of colour year after year, with little or no maintenance, and are the mainstay of any garden.

When planning a garden it is great to see a mixture of both perennials and annuals, it makes a garden more interesting, the only drawback with annuals is in the winter there is nothing to show for them.

Lavender plants is an old favourite in an English garden, somehow we do tend to associate lavender with days gone by, and beautiful ladies waltzing around a ballroom with a lavender scented hankie tucked up a sleeve.

Lavender growth will be encouraged with a bit of spring pruning; the taller varieties can be cut back by approximately one third of their height. The lower growing varieties can be pruned back by a couple of inches, depending on the area you live in some gardeners will prune when they see some new green growth at the base of the plant.

Dampness more than cold is responsible for killing lavender plants, this can come from wet roots during the winter months leading into high humidity in the summer, always plant in a sunny location, and if your area sees harsh winter winds, planting next to a stone or brick wall will provide heat and protection.

There are perennial plants to suit all locations in the garden, and include hedge forming perennials, bare root perennials, scented perennials and perennial plants for placing at the back of a border. The geranium plant looks fabulous in the garden in pots or window boxes, and come in the most vibrant colours also are most popular with gardeners all over the world, with little or no maintenance, they present themselves year after year, with just a bit of deadheading, and cuttings taken will re-grow in a different location in the garden no problem.

Perennial plants come in many different colours, and it is very important that you remember the colours you choose as that will effect the overall look of your garden. Stimulating colours such as reds and oranges and certainly attracts attention, yellows are warm and refreshing, and white will enhance your garden in the evening. The begonia plant is perfect to mix with other plants in beds, hanging baskets and containers and do come in the most vibrant colours.

Most perennial plants have distinct flowering times lasting anything from a week to several months, but if you plant your garden properly you will have flowers all season long, from the early spring flowering plants to asters in the Autumn. It is fascinating seeing the garden changing through the seasons.

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